Thursday, April 27, 2017

Coachella 2017 : Fashion Trend and Report

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Dear my readers, if only anyone of you still there.
It has been three years since the last time I wrote a post. Times flies quickly! I want to apologize for my 3 years hiatus due to my study which required a lot of my time. I just finished my thesis last month, so while I'm waiting for my graduation and scholarship thingies, I have decided to come back to my favorite things in this world: Art and Fashion. If people ask me: Why don't you just post your political thoughts and other heavy topics? Well, I can't write those in this blog, I will make another blog for other stuffs,this blog is only about fashion, art and my life. Even though politics is also an art, but it is a different kind of art.

I took down some of my old unnecessary posts about love, life, and other in order to put this blog back in place as fashion and art blog with a hint of life story, not vice versa.

We are re-opening this site, with COACHELLA! Yepp... The last two weekend was the two week of Coachella and for us, it is the beginning of festival x fashion x music season!
I know if it is kinda late to post Coachella related stuffs, but we are not going to post the preparation, mostly we are going to talk about the fashion style that already happened which shows a kind of different style than previous Coachellas.

Looking at the street style, there are some trends that have changed for good and we need them to update our festival's wardrobe. There are some big don'ts that I have for you that I got from fashion bloggers, editors and magazines.

1. NO MORE FLOWER CROWNS and FLASH TATTOO - who wants to be a hippie flower girl (again)?
2. Less boho style
3. Less fringe and suede
4. No more swimsuit as top

BUT the 2nd-4th point still happened on the Coachella, we still see bunch of ladies wore those style but waaay lesser than last year. I don't think bohemian style will be over in the Coachella because it is just like the most wore theme on this specific festival for years. To be honest, I do love to see more styles other than boho.

This year we can see:
1. More flowy summer dress (kind of French fashion house's silhouettes)
2. Lacy outfits (including bralettes) and denim
3. Embroidery (on a lot of things)
4. Denim and bomber jackets
5. Sneakers and ankle boots
6. Backpack, hats and caps.
7. Graphic and prints
8. Do not forget with statement sunnies and layer of simple jewelry

There are some fashion bloggers that went to Coachella 2017 which own very awesome festival fashion taste. Most of the bloggers opted more neutral colored chic boho styles,with lace of ruffles or denim and fishnet. I really like Margo and Me's style this time she kept her feminimity with soft pink color, floral prints, lace and ruffles. you can check her entire Coachella outfits on her instagram.

Kelsey White

Jenny Cipoletti 

Olivia Lopez


Leonie Hanne

Racquel Natasha

Kelsey White

Victoria Secret's models with their Angel Oasis also catched the eyes of the fashion enthusiast. Their angels such as Jasmine, Romee, Jo and Elsa mostly chosed bralettes and lingerie as their top, I bet it is for the sake of VS's promotion because they have so much bralettes collection lately. I like how every angels mostly have their own styles; some wore cape and lingerie most of the time and some wore more casual denim with 70's or 90's touch.

Couretsy of: Victoria Secret's Instagram

I save the best for the last. I picked a lot of street styles from Vogue, W Magazines and Elle to show you how cool this year's fashion is. We can see a lot of colors and fun prints on the outfits, flare dress and skirts, slip dress, denim, bralettes, embroidery, 70's-80's touches and others. My favorites for this year I think for some people who are brave to use fun prints and colorful outfits who usually combined it with denim because it matched a lot of the colorful photo spots (but still I love the lace and ruffles tho)

Courtesy of: Daria Kobayashi Ritch

Courtesy of: Emily Malan of W

Courtesy of: Tyler Joe of

What do you think about this year's Coachella? What kind of outfit will you wear in the next Coachella? Are you going to Coachella for the fashion? or for the music? Each year's line up is always great tho. This year we have Lady Gaga, Lorde, Kendric Lamar, Dj Snake and a lot more.

See you soon for Met Gala and NYBF also more story about my hiatus.

Cinta Carnelian