Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Lovely puppy - Mio-

I have a dog, his name is MIO.
he was born in October 2011, now he is 8 months!!
He is combine of a lot of dog breeds, but he really looks like Samoyed.

He is short, bcz that's his breed DNA. and have chocolate fur, big round eyes, and his sound so loud!!
 he is so Arrogant! especially for talkative children.
but he know which one a good person, and which one aren't.

He have a lot of name, Changmin(from DBSK), Fatty, Ugly, Charming, Mas Mio etc.. but my mom said that Mio is the most handsome dog ever. he is so spoiled, he likes to sleep in my foot, or play with mas Ariel. 
He always cry when my mom go to somewhere outside the house. he likes to ask my father to give him my father's food and many more.
He eats Dog's food but he also love
Ice cream, yoghurt, jelly, fruits, soups, soto ayam, fried egg,  and CHICKEN...
what kind of dog he is? wierd..

So this is our beloved puppy..

Do you want to meet him ?? 
Make sure you are a good person, or he will kick you out!!


Cinta Carnelian

Sistar New Summer Album - Loving You-

SISTAR - LOVING U (Summer  Special Album)
It released at July the 28th, 2012
I got this album at 29th, I guess and just like the Jacket album, The Music so refreshing
I love this album, but their March Mini Album -ALONE- is better than this. but this album so summer style.
This is the track list

01. Loving U (러빙유)                                            (new song)
02. Holiday (홀리데이)                                          (new song)
03. Push Push (DJ Rubato Remix)                            
 04. 나혼자 (Alone) (Smells Remix)                       
05. Ma Boy (Smells Remix)                                   
06. 니까짓게 (How Dare You) (Demicat Remix)  
07. So Cool (DJ Rubato Remix)                             

The title track is "Loving U", and this is so cool.. the atmosphere of this song are fresh, cheerful, and girly. cute also, and sweet I like that.
"Holiday" of course it's so cool with guitar for the song's intro, it's like American Girl's pop song. so catchy..

This is the music video of  "Loving U"

this is the Comeback videos from Music Bank

Sexy right?? hahaha.. I like Dasom in here. she looks so beautiful.

This is the mp3 for Sistar -Loving U-

mp3 for Sistar - Holiday-

Check check..
which one do you like ???

I like all of them... and Mas Ariel (my Brother) so crazy with this album, cz hi really a big fan of SISTAR.

Cinta Carnelian

Friday, June 29, 2012

Jogjakarta and Mas Jeremy Walker (2012.03.03)

Hey guys..
Now I start my story..
It taken in 3rd of March 2012. Me, my brother, and our friends Mas Hoho and Jeremy Walker had a nice trip to Jogjakarta.
A picture on a Borobudur's wall
Its pretty nice..
we leaved Salatiga at 7 or 8 a.m and we arrived to Borobudur temple at 10ish a.m. That was the first time in my life, i went to this wonderful Buddist temple. and that place so beautiful, and Thank you God, the weather also so friendly it's not Hot (so it wouldn't burn my skin) and not cold either..
Borobudur!! aweeesoomee

Me in Borobudur

And I could see a lot of foreigner there, they're Indian, White people, chinnese, Korean, Japan and manymore.
and I also saw a triplets of HOT ORIENTAL boys, I thought they're a b-boys from Hongkong. but I heard thet actually they came from Singapore, so I don't want to get to know about them.

This trip held because mas Jeremy really want it because in April he should back home to US because he must prepare His wedding day in summer. I really like mas Jeremy as a brother, because he is funny and smart. he's also cool. so Im happy because his wedding preparation with his fiancee Renee is doing well until now.
My Brother, Ariel (red shirt), mas Hoho in black one, Jeremy Walker grey sweater,

Must Jeremy took a lot of picture in Borobudur. My brother too. And mas Hoho sometimes changed became a crazy Guide. By the way, mas Hoho is an Indonesian teacher for foreign students in IMLAC Salatiga, and he's so funny. he want to know a girl in Borobudur which was looked like Anne Hathaway, but when he was tried to find her, she's gone... what a pity.
Sir, are you alone? where is your head? are you waiting for Mas Hoho?
Samudraraksa, he used to be a very great ship

After we enjoyed Borobudur we went to the Sultan Palace... BUT because it was too late (we arrived about at 3am) this palace just closed, and we just can see the gate and other open place in front of the palace, but we couldn't enter the palace. Im pretty sad, be cause I really want to see this palace. because taht was the 3rd times I can't visit the palace. so until now, I still dont know what it is looked like, but I bet, The Palace must be so BEAUTIFUL !

After that we visit Taman Sari Water Castle.this place used to be kinda-like-summer-resort- for the past Royal Family of Ancient Mataram Kingdom. but now, this beautiful place changed. a lot of things broken.I swear if UNESCO can finish the renovation this place must be one of the most beautiful place in Jigjakarta, with all tis Portugesse arcitecture.
Me infront of Tamansari water castle gate
mas Hoho in front of the dome's window

Jeremy busy taking picture while my brother enjoy the view

Taman Sari is a really beautiful place, it has 3 swimming pools (maybe used to be a swiming pool) and the bigger one with the private tower is for The King and his wives. and in there, there is a domed room, they said they will build a mosque in the dome.
the princesses swimming pool, so luxury

After that, we meet my sister who's live in Jogjakarta, and we had a dinner with Roasted Fish, Roasted Chicken, Sayur Asem (a cold soup made from veggetables and it taste sour), sambal (hot chili souce), Java fried chicken, and a lot of things. and after that we bought some traditional Jogjakarta snacks like gethuk, pia, etc. and wetrapped in traffic jam, and we leave Jogja at 11 p.m and arrived in Salatiga at 2 a.m

Thank you my Brother Ariel, sister Bunga, mas Hoho, Jeremy and als our driver Om Santoso
in car,my bro, mas Hoho, and mas Jeremy

p.s Mas is a thing that we use to call a man who's older than us.
    Om just like uncle.

That's all, weeew I really miss that trip.
Really miss mas Jeremy too... and Im glad that he will be a groom soon.
Fighting Jeremy and Renee
me!!in front of Borobudur's relief

Always love you guys, all my friend...



Thursday, June 28, 2012

Who am I ???

Who am I?? If you don't know anything about me, I will tell you..
My name is Chikitta Carnelian. Chikitta is from Cinta Kita in Indonesian and they mean Our Love. Carnelian is a jewel. all my brother and sister last name always have a jewel name. I was born in Malang, East Java, Indonesia November the 18th, 1994. So in 2012 right now Im still pretty young..

My Dad is a pastor from a Church, but he never press his children under pressure so we never be a naughty, and he also very liberal. My mom just a housewife. and she can cook a lot of delicious foods. I have 1 older brother his name Ariel (Lion's of God) Lazuardi (born in 1982), he's an Indonesian teacher for foreigner, he is marvelous in English. My Sister Bunga (Flower) Beryl (born in 1985) she is a magazine Editor, and she just married with his Husband named Miko. I also have a very cute dog, his name is Mio and sometimes we call him Changmin, Fatty, Charming, Darling and etc, he was born in October 2011.

I have a dream, after High school i want to find scholarships to study in Los Angeles, California. maybe in UCLA or USC and take Communication Studies. Please pray for me, so I can go to Los Angeles next year. 

I love reading book, listening to music especially Western and Kpop, singing, watching movies, study new things, have new friend,and of course writting. and I fall in love with Christian Louboutin's shoes, they all so beautiful, I can't buy them yet, but Im sure in the future I can buy them.. 

That's just for intro, i will post many more about my Dialy life, my friends, family, and my favorite stuff.
check my Fashion Blog too : http:/

Love you always...

Cinta Carnelian