Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Lovely puppy - Mio-

I have a dog, his name is MIO.
he was born in October 2011, now he is 8 months!!
He is combine of a lot of dog breeds, but he really looks like Samoyed.

He is short, bcz that's his breed DNA. and have chocolate fur, big round eyes, and his sound so loud!!
 he is so Arrogant! especially for talkative children.
but he know which one a good person, and which one aren't.

He have a lot of name, Changmin(from DBSK), Fatty, Ugly, Charming, Mas Mio etc.. but my mom said that Mio is the most handsome dog ever. he is so spoiled, he likes to sleep in my foot, or play with mas Ariel. 
He always cry when my mom go to somewhere outside the house. he likes to ask my father to give him my father's food and many more.
He eats Dog's food but he also love
Ice cream, yoghurt, jelly, fruits, soups, soto ayam, fried egg,  and CHICKEN...
what kind of dog he is? wierd..

So this is our beloved puppy..

Do you want to meet him ?? 
Make sure you are a good person, or he will kick you out!!


Cinta Carnelian

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