Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sistar New Summer Album - Loving You-

SISTAR - LOVING U (Summer  Special Album)
It released at July the 28th, 2012
I got this album at 29th, I guess and just like the Jacket album, The Music so refreshing
I love this album, but their March Mini Album -ALONE- is better than this. but this album so summer style.
This is the track list

01. Loving U (러빙유)                                            (new song)
02. Holiday (홀리데이)                                          (new song)
03. Push Push (DJ Rubato Remix)                            
 04. 나혼자 (Alone) (Smells Remix)                       
05. Ma Boy (Smells Remix)                                   
06. 니까짓게 (How Dare You) (Demicat Remix)  
07. So Cool (DJ Rubato Remix)                             

The title track is "Loving U", and this is so cool.. the atmosphere of this song are fresh, cheerful, and girly. cute also, and sweet I like that.
"Holiday" of course it's so cool with guitar for the song's intro, it's like American Girl's pop song. so catchy..

This is the music video of  "Loving U"

this is the Comeback videos from Music Bank

Sexy right?? hahaha.. I like Dasom in here. she looks so beautiful.

This is the mp3 for Sistar -Loving U-

mp3 for Sistar - Holiday-

Check check..
which one do you like ???

I like all of them... and Mas Ariel (my Brother) so crazy with this album, cz hi really a big fan of SISTAR.

Cinta Carnelian

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