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April the 27th and 28th, 2012 My Sister Wedding (Part I)

                   Hellooo everyone.. because a lot of my sister wedding photo is in my brother Laptop, and he still in Makassar.

                  so I'll post about the day before the wedding day, make up time, and some wedding photos that I can found because of Mbak Amber Book, Melanie Mouw, Kathryn Kreiger, and Valerie Du May 's Facebook that post about it.. And The Out and About Night after the wedding. And The Part II I'll post it after my brother back from Makassar.

Me(wore brown Kebaya) and my sister the Bride (white Kebaya)

                   All my mom's family from Malang, come and sleep at my house. 2 of my cousins came too. they are children from my aunties. Im the younger, but they call me Mbak (elder sister) because my mom is their mom elder sister. The oldest is mas Regin he is a Franch major University Student, and dik Dita also a university Student in a big Moslem University in Malang.
This is my cousins:

                  In the Friday night (The wedding is on Saturday) me, Dita, and Regin also Karin (my High school best friend) went to Musicals perform from International School. We got A VIP tickets, thanks to Mas Yohanes Soeharto ( My Brother's best friend) it told about A Midsummer Night Dream  and my friend Kenny Armstrong is the main role! Congratz Ken! 

Kenny wore light brown costume

While it break, we ate brownies and ice cream in the Canteen, and it was so delicious!! and after the show, me and my cousins took this picture. Dita looks pretty and Regin handsome right?

Dita, Me, and Regin

                 At the D-Day, I should wake up at 3 and took a bath, and start make up about 4am. and Im so tired, me and my sister also my mom, dad, brother, the groom and his mom and brother's make up with the same primer Salon, named Girda thats a bridal Salon, and we will wear Kebaya ( Javanese traditional costume) my aunties's Salon is Salon Bima, and my friends salon (Amber, Kathryn, Melanie and Valerie) is in Salon Dina.
Im done, but my sister still busy with her makeover

Love this pose... kkkk

At the wedding Party, mbak Amber, mbak Kathryn, mbak Melanie and mbak Valerie become my family Money-Box Guard (in Indonesian wedding party, every guess bring money and keep it to a box, and it for the Bride). but you know, I think they all more pretty than me and my sister... they are naturally beautiful..
Valerie, Kathryn, Melanie and Amber.. Look! they like beauty queen

Me and Melanie Mouw

My Big Brother, Ariel

The wedding party went well, it such a blessing day, thank God... so this is the picture of my family and the bride and groom.

After the Party, we took many funny Photos!!! from normal pose until Crazy pose.. that's why I love all my sisters..
the bride in white kebaya

Beauty pose

CRAZY Pose !!!

After the party, me, my brother, and our friends, (Mbak Dhea, Mbak Melanie, mbak Tiffany and mas Phill and his friends, also mas Peco) had our own after party, with dinner at pak Malur and Karaoke Night in Happy Puppy...
and I took these photos with my cute(??) "Brother" mas Peco Hicks..

Okay.. I think that enough from part I....
Thank you for anyone who helped my family at my sister's wedding...
Love you all..


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