Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Bucket of Memories Part I: Middle School

Heyy Guys, it's been a long time, since the last time I post something in this blog... How are you?? 
Im busy preparing my SAT. And I want to inform you, that I will not go to UCLA/ USC next year because they are public school and a lot of my friend told me that it's better for me to not study in California. So I decided that I will go to Calvin College in Michigan next Fall!! Please pray for me, so everything will work for me. But I know that God always give me the way!
I will not post anything about my sister wedding anymore,and I want to share 3 series of my memories with people that I love (I mean my friends) ... and this part is the first one, and it about my Middle School Friend.

I don't know why I want to remind all my memories with my friends. I miss them all. And all of these picture were taken in 4-3 years ago.. So I was 14-15 yrs old. My Middle School's name is Stella Matutina Catholic Junior High school, Salatiga, Indonesia. Look at my innocent face!

on the way to Bali 4 yrs ago
 So first, I'll tell you my inner circle in 8th grades. Look at the pict (had the Fx Edit one) Im on the top, And three in the bottom from left-right are Dita, Bella, and Yosephine. Ephine always sat with me at class, Dita and Bella always together.
I love them all. Me and Dita, we are still meet each other sometimes (because in fact she's dating my BEST FRIEND!! HAhaHAha) But I never in touch with Bella and Ephine anymore. Bella studied in other city, and Ephine... well I don't know any news about her anymore, I just know that she studied at SMA Negri 3 in my city.

My inner circle in 9th grades. We were a big group  consist with 7 girls. Top : left - right Dewi (Miss her n she's so tall), Nana (The kindest one), and Lola (The coolest one! she's so sweet). Bottom left - right : Me!! Brilly (She's so pretty) Nonic (She's a model, so pretty) and Desy (She has the motherly side) We always together almost everywhere.. I miss that time... That was taken 3 years ago.

 Both of those picture was taken in our Middle School graduation day. The left picture consist Brilly, Me, Dewi, Desi and Nana (Lola took this picture and Nonic came late) and the picture in right is... Nonic and I. I miss them! Brilly now study in SMA Negri 3 in Salatiga, Desi, Nana and Lola go to the same High School as me, Dewi in a SMK (but i don't really know where) and Nonic study in SMA Negri 2 Salatiga. I still keep in touch with Brilly, Nonic and of course with Desi, Nana, and Lola. I want to see them again before I go to the States (hopefully) next fall.

Me and Mr.Totok Subyanto. he was my 9th Grade's homeroom teacher. he is very kind, silent and an huge person! He also a teacher for Bible Class.
The best teacher EVER!!Mr. Hendry my favorite teacher until the END! he was my Indonesian teacher.
My young and adorable teachers, Mr.Cahyo (brown tux) and Mr.Wahyu Tri (Black tux) Mr. Cahyo was my 9th grade's Indonesian teacher and Mr.Tri was my History teacher he also a local band's guitarist! 

  The last picture of my memorable teacher and friends at Stela Matutina Catholic  Middle School Salatiga, is my photo with Mr.Albert (Black tux) and Mr.Johanes (brown tux). mr. Albert is one of the most adorable PE teacher, and mr.Jo was my Computer Class teacher.

I lost a lot of picture of  my middle school time. but I tell you, I won't forget them... Even though I graduated from there since 3 years ago, I still have a lot of memories in that school...
See you soon with the part II

Lov ya!

Cinta Carnelian

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