Sunday, November 25, 2012

My 18th Birthday Party/ Hangout : the 18th of November, 2012

Yaay, finally I can update this, with real news of my party and real photos too (thanks to Jonathan)...
So, at the 18th of November, I turned 18!!! Now Im kinda like almost old... :(

With Abbie and Kari!!!! Best teachers EVER!!

Because I don't like birthday party, so I asked Melanie and Abbie to hang out with me at Frame Coffeshop (Best Coffee ever!!) with just some our friends, who ALMOST really know me... (So sad, because Val and Amber, and Dun Ja are not in Salatiga anymore. And Peco, Tiffany, Melissa and the German Melanie aren't in town too, make me feel so sad..) So I had Birthday Hang out at Frame with Melanie, Abbie, Kari, Kathryn, Julie, Mbak Pita, Mbak Atik, my long life best friend Pita, Mas Hoho, Mas Aswan, Kak George, Mas Yo, Jonathan, and of course my big brotha, Ariel.

Melanie made Chocolate cupcakes for my birthday, and they are so DELICIOUS!! Thank you mbak Cantik (cantik means beautiful in english)!!

Actually, the reason why I want to celebrate this birthday is because of, maybe it will be the last birthday party that I can celebrate in Salatiga with most of my "brothers and sisters" who know me since long time ago. I bet most of you know about my next year plan, is get in to Calvin College in Michigan. It's means that I'll not celebrate my birthday in Indonesia again. Not with my lovely "brothers and sisters" again. I can not imagine about that. leave my friends and family, live in another side of the world, and celebrate my birthday with new friends and they can't speak Indonesian!!!!! How sad I am... :((

I can't write a lot of things about it. I just want to say thank you for all people who came to my birthday, start from My brother Ariel, Pita, Mas Yo, Mas Aswan, Mbak Abbie who know me since I was little, Kari, Mbak Pita, Mbak Atik, Melanie,Mas Hoho, kak George and Kathy who know me for the last 2 years until our single new friends Jonathan and Julie who know me since 4 months ago. I love you all guys, and you can't imagine, how grateful my heart when I saw all of you could gathered in Frame for my Birthday. And thank you for everyone who helped me in my Birthday, Melanie for cupcakes, and Jonathan for the camera, and another. Also for all mas - mas, and mbak - mbak: Thank you for your gifts, Love, time and everything for me.

These are some photos from my Birthday celebration:
Enjoying my time with Pita!!

With Mbak Atik yang Cantik

I have two Pita!! the sweetest mbak Pita!!

Mas Aswan!! muumuumuu look we are look like brother n sister right?!

With my real brother: Mas Ariel (Imagine about little mermaid, i don't want my bro have red long hair!!) Lv him so much!!!!!

One of the best "brother" ever!! Mas Yo... Mas I will support you for everything!!! Bcz you always support my dream!

Mbak Cantik Melanie... Love you so much!! You are as sweet as your cakes!!!

The Girls Hit Frame!! Watch out Boys... Best "Sisters" EVER!!! Love you all!!

Look at Kari, She's so sticky with Abbie.. I want in that position too!! Love those Girl with all my heart!!

Julie, even though we know each other since 4 month ago. you are a really good "Sister" !!!

Look!! I found mbak Kathy!! "Californian Gurl are unforgettable!!" 

Muuumuuu.. pouting lips! With Kari and Kathy, I think my face looks like Kari's, maybe I'm her abandoned little sister!!! OMG OMG!! and my mom is Kathy!! ha..

Camera, camera, who is the fairest among us?? (All except you Cinta)!! With Mbak Cantik and My Best Sister EVER, best Math tutor, Abbie...(Mbak,if someone hurt you, I'll kill them slowly and torture them!!)

Kak George!!! I'll miss you... thank you for being my brother for years!!

 OMG What is this! Business dealing between Mas Hoho and Jonathan?? I should ruin that!! With Melanie appearing behind mas Hoho.. ooh Spooky..

Mas Hoho!! My Crazy "brother" EVER... wink wink wink!!

That's me.. but with... WHO? My Best Friend the German Jonathan !! We both love Schweini! that's why now we are a good friend! Mas'e thank you for your helps but I don't want to pay them. Ha!

I guess it's enough for now...
Bye Bye Bye...Have a great Weekend
I know you love me...

Cinta Carnelian

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Movie Shoot... November the 3rd, 2012

Don't read it as something like "Now, Cinta is an Actress"
Because of the Annually Multimedia class's movie project, my class should make a movie this year. But all of us should say Thank You for all my friend, because this year I am NOT the writer, because my ideas always crazy. For example, last year I was the writer for my group's project, and our movie is a Gay movie. Sorry for my best friend Archi, and Yosep, I  forced them to be the actor!

But By the way, let us back to the new movie. Our new movie is a romantic, drama and crime movie. I am one of the main character, I'll be a girl who falling in love with a murderer (Archie is the murderer) why I always love psycho guy in all of my movies??? But I'll not promote our movie here. The thing that I want to tell you is the process of shooting in Sisca's house.

Her house is far, i went there with Karin. And after that we hanging out in Sisca's living room. Look at me and Yosep, we are so enjoying camera much!  Look at the photo above, I like our director -Agatha-(The girl in the middle) used her big smile, and the cuteness of our co-director-Novi-(The girl who wore a red shirt) while she pouting her lips... muumuuu...

In this movie, my character always with Winda's character. but We (in the reallife) love to have a lot of our Self Camera photos too..

And after most of our scenes done, I found Archi slept in Sisca's room!!! And he slept with a bunch of girls around him, how lucky he is!! A high school boy, slept in a room, with 5 girls slept near him too... Look at these funny photos..(btw,Archi slept because he got sick that day)

Look at Vesa's face while she sat next to sleeping Archi, Vesa looks so cute... and Agatha, Rara,and Winda poses while they were slept in Sisca's bed... looks like live in a fish tank, the space is too narrow..
And the last is, the busiest person in that day.. my best friend and our wardrobe girl.. Karin with tons of things around her body..

That's the reason, being a high school girl is a great thing! because I feel the most craziest friend ship ever! Even though  we are different, but we are so close to each other.

12th Grade of Language Class of Kristen 1 Salatiga High School is the best EVER! I bet, I will miss them so much next year...

Love ya,

Cinta Carnelian

Monday, November 19, 2012

I found old pics at my phone I : ARROWHEAD and the Dennys visit


Guuuyyyss, look what i found on my cellphone??? A lot of my pictures at Summer!
So, do you know where Mas Aswan work? yeah right Arrow Head, a BIG horse ranch in Tingkir, Salatiga... C'mon all the Bule, Londo, Whites, Foreigners in any skin tones come to visit THAT COOL Place!!! you will not find skinny horses and small horses, they have huge horses and imported horses..
(will I get some money, bcz I am promoting their company?? hehehe just kiddo..)

So, there is a horse riding competition and they are open for public. So, Me, Amber, Ruthie, Mas Ariel, Melanie, and Kathy, went to that place to watch the competition and bazaar... but we found mas Yohanes there too, and of course my Lovely math tutor, Abbie.

We saw horses,  and Oh My God, they are so CUTE... I love the Huge and Black one, I think he came from a ranch in Jogjakarta.  I want him so much! 

This is the Brown Horse with a Diamond birthmark on it's forehead. And this cool horse is Abbie's favorite horse..
Look his nose is so CUTE!!

There is a white handsome horse too. he looks like a fairy's horse. 
and the cutest one is a pony and her kid. the kid is so cute, but it's mom so over protective, but they are so ADORABLE !! look at the mother's face.. scary...

After that I took some funny photos with Abbie, Amber and Kathy and the theme for that photo shoot is GLASSES ON! . Look at Abbie, She looked so funky with that glasses on.

Amber and I took a duo photo.. I think we will make a duo idol group called Glasses Girl on Top or GGT!

and I really love this photo.. Kathy, a very rich bu Boss, with a lot of really expensive (?really?)  glasses on..

FUNNY and CRAZY but also PRETTY, they are my sisters....
after back home from Arrow head, me, mas Ari, Mas Allen, Amber and Ruthie had lunch at Rumah Makan Manado... after that we back at Amber's house and ate chocolate there..
And of course Self camera time for me and Ruthie..

NOTE: Amber and Ruthie fell down from the motorcycle when they were drove to climb a slope near Arrowhead, but they were Okay... some local high school student took their photo (bcz of they are White girls i guess).. that was funny but also embarassing..

What a wonderful summer  memory...


Cinta Carnelian

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Birthday Party update !

Hey, thanks for all the birthday greetings and the gifts...
I'll post my Birthday Hang out news soon... of course with photos. But I can't post it now, Jonathan still bring   all the photos (Thank you mas for your camera...You are the BEST!) I am not sure I am brave enough to take his camera with me, that camera is not cheap, if Mio lick the lens, I bet he will kill me :D joking Jo!

Peco texts me and he said cool things about being 18, Melanie the German called me to asked me about my birthday, Most of my class mate texted and wrote on my FB timeline about my Birthday. Sarah and Dunja also did that from German, My Korean friends Johnny and Kyle too(the sent the greeting from Korea of course) and my Brothers and Sisters also wrote in my FB and texted me.. 

This night, I celebrated my Birthday with my Brother and Sisters, Mas Ari, Mas Aswan, Mas Yo, Mas Hoho, Kak George and my new Best friend, Jonathan. my Sisters are Kari, Abbie, Mbak Atik, mbak Pita Melanie the American .(her cake is so DELICIOUS), Kathy, and my new sister, Julie, and my longtime BEST FRIEND Pita.

Thank you for all my friend around the world, and around the Salatiga...
Love you all..

Cinta Carnelian

Friday, November 16, 2012

ALERT : 2012 Christmas Color trends !!

Santa Clause is coming to town soon......

OMG OMG... today is November 16th... and almost a month before Christmas!!! So Im planning to decorate my house,because maybe and hopefully this Christmas will be the last Christmas for me in Salatiga with my family. So I googled something like 2012 Christmas Color Trends!and I found two hottest Christmas Color trends for this year.

1. Colorful Candy Color theme
So, the color composition are, Pink Fuchsia, Silver, Green, Purple, and Blue

And they are the example of the Christmas ornaments

Cute isn't it?? it will remind you of your joyful and colorful  childhood life :D

2. IVY Frost Theme
This one is really fit for pastel color lovers, and the combinations are Blueish white, Silver and Green Leaf.

And the example for the ornaments

Actually, for me, when I want to use the frost theme, I want to combine it with deep blue too... Silver, white and deep blue are so great in last year... and this combination is so elegant. but the IVY frost like this is very simple and sweet too..

Just pick one your favorite theme, the Candy Color or Frost theme... and happy Christmas Shopping and Happy decorating your house !!

NOTE : I guess my family will choose the Candy Color one... I'll pose  the result! hehehe

Love you all guys

Cinta Carnelian