Friday, November 16, 2012

ALERT : 2012 Christmas Color trends !!

Santa Clause is coming to town soon......

OMG OMG... today is November 16th... and almost a month before Christmas!!! So Im planning to decorate my house,because maybe and hopefully this Christmas will be the last Christmas for me in Salatiga with my family. So I googled something like 2012 Christmas Color Trends!and I found two hottest Christmas Color trends for this year.

1. Colorful Candy Color theme
So, the color composition are, Pink Fuchsia, Silver, Green, Purple, and Blue

And they are the example of the Christmas ornaments

Cute isn't it?? it will remind you of your joyful and colorful  childhood life :D

2. IVY Frost Theme
This one is really fit for pastel color lovers, and the combinations are Blueish white, Silver and Green Leaf.

And the example for the ornaments

Actually, for me, when I want to use the frost theme, I want to combine it with deep blue too... Silver, white and deep blue are so great in last year... and this combination is so elegant. but the IVY frost like this is very simple and sweet too..

Just pick one your favorite theme, the Candy Color or Frost theme... and happy Christmas Shopping and Happy decorating your house !!

NOTE : I guess my family will choose the Candy Color one... I'll pose  the result! hehehe

Love you all guys

Cinta Carnelian



  1. Hmmmm.....kukira ini Natal kita terakhir...karena kamu ingin ke LN dan mas Ariel akan ke Luar Jawa...yupp...we're old now... hope our parent realize that ^^ happy Shopping or happy creating!!

  2. Yeah.. It will be the last.... Bye Bye hahaha