Sunday, November 18, 2012

Birthday Party update !

Hey, thanks for all the birthday greetings and the gifts...
I'll post my Birthday Hang out news soon... of course with photos. But I can't post it now, Jonathan still bring   all the photos (Thank you mas for your camera...You are the BEST!) I am not sure I am brave enough to take his camera with me, that camera is not cheap, if Mio lick the lens, I bet he will kill me :D joking Jo!

Peco texts me and he said cool things about being 18, Melanie the German called me to asked me about my birthday, Most of my class mate texted and wrote on my FB timeline about my Birthday. Sarah and Dunja also did that from German, My Korean friends Johnny and Kyle too(the sent the greeting from Korea of course) and my Brothers and Sisters also wrote in my FB and texted me.. 

This night, I celebrated my Birthday with my Brother and Sisters, Mas Ari, Mas Aswan, Mas Yo, Mas Hoho, Kak George and my new Best friend, Jonathan. my Sisters are Kari, Abbie, Mbak Atik, mbak Pita Melanie the American .(her cake is so DELICIOUS), Kathy, and my new sister, Julie, and my longtime BEST FRIEND Pita.

Thank you for all my friend around the world, and around the Salatiga...
Love you all..

Cinta Carnelian

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