Monday, November 19, 2012

I found old pics at my phone I : ARROWHEAD and the Dennys visit


Guuuyyyss, look what i found on my cellphone??? A lot of my pictures at Summer!
So, do you know where Mas Aswan work? yeah right Arrow Head, a BIG horse ranch in Tingkir, Salatiga... C'mon all the Bule, Londo, Whites, Foreigners in any skin tones come to visit THAT COOL Place!!! you will not find skinny horses and small horses, they have huge horses and imported horses..
(will I get some money, bcz I am promoting their company?? hehehe just kiddo..)

So, there is a horse riding competition and they are open for public. So, Me, Amber, Ruthie, Mas Ariel, Melanie, and Kathy, went to that place to watch the competition and bazaar... but we found mas Yohanes there too, and of course my Lovely math tutor, Abbie.

We saw horses,  and Oh My God, they are so CUTE... I love the Huge and Black one, I think he came from a ranch in Jogjakarta.  I want him so much! 

This is the Brown Horse with a Diamond birthmark on it's forehead. And this cool horse is Abbie's favorite horse..
Look his nose is so CUTE!!

There is a white handsome horse too. he looks like a fairy's horse. 
and the cutest one is a pony and her kid. the kid is so cute, but it's mom so over protective, but they are so ADORABLE !! look at the mother's face.. scary...

After that I took some funny photos with Abbie, Amber and Kathy and the theme for that photo shoot is GLASSES ON! . Look at Abbie, She looked so funky with that glasses on.

Amber and I took a duo photo.. I think we will make a duo idol group called Glasses Girl on Top or GGT!

and I really love this photo.. Kathy, a very rich bu Boss, with a lot of really expensive (?really?)  glasses on..

FUNNY and CRAZY but also PRETTY, they are my sisters....
after back home from Arrow head, me, mas Ari, Mas Allen, Amber and Ruthie had lunch at Rumah Makan Manado... after that we back at Amber's house and ate chocolate there..
And of course Self camera time for me and Ruthie..

NOTE: Amber and Ruthie fell down from the motorcycle when they were drove to climb a slope near Arrowhead, but they were Okay... some local high school student took their photo (bcz of they are White girls i guess).. that was funny but also embarassing..

What a wonderful summer  memory...


Cinta Carnelian

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