Saturday, November 24, 2012

Movie Shoot... November the 3rd, 2012

Don't read it as something like "Now, Cinta is an Actress"
Because of the Annually Multimedia class's movie project, my class should make a movie this year. But all of us should say Thank You for all my friend, because this year I am NOT the writer, because my ideas always crazy. For example, last year I was the writer for my group's project, and our movie is a Gay movie. Sorry for my best friend Archi, and Yosep, I  forced them to be the actor!

But By the way, let us back to the new movie. Our new movie is a romantic, drama and crime movie. I am one of the main character, I'll be a girl who falling in love with a murderer (Archie is the murderer) why I always love psycho guy in all of my movies??? But I'll not promote our movie here. The thing that I want to tell you is the process of shooting in Sisca's house.

Her house is far, i went there with Karin. And after that we hanging out in Sisca's living room. Look at me and Yosep, we are so enjoying camera much!  Look at the photo above, I like our director -Agatha-(The girl in the middle) used her big smile, and the cuteness of our co-director-Novi-(The girl who wore a red shirt) while she pouting her lips... muumuuu...

In this movie, my character always with Winda's character. but We (in the reallife) love to have a lot of our Self Camera photos too..

And after most of our scenes done, I found Archi slept in Sisca's room!!! And he slept with a bunch of girls around him, how lucky he is!! A high school boy, slept in a room, with 5 girls slept near him too... Look at these funny photos..(btw,Archi slept because he got sick that day)

Look at Vesa's face while she sat next to sleeping Archi, Vesa looks so cute... and Agatha, Rara,and Winda poses while they were slept in Sisca's bed... looks like live in a fish tank, the space is too narrow..
And the last is, the busiest person in that day.. my best friend and our wardrobe girl.. Karin with tons of things around her body..

That's the reason, being a high school girl is a great thing! because I feel the most craziest friend ship ever! Even though  we are different, but we are so close to each other.

12th Grade of Language Class of Kristen 1 Salatiga High School is the best EVER! I bet, I will miss them so much next year...

Love ya,

Cinta Carnelian

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