Sunday, December 30, 2012

2013: Scorpio Yearly Horoscope

Hey, 2013 will come soon...
and I feel so bored tonight at home, so I googled my Scorpio 2013 horoscope mischievously, and I got this from you can check it here...  I don't really believe this.. just want to share it for fun! and hopefully like this horoscope said, I will be very lucky, wealthy and full of love in 2013! hahahahahaha...


2013 has your name written all over it, Scorpio. Thirteen is the number of the Death archetype in the tarot card attributed to your sign. It's about the death of the outworn aspects of yourself and your life, while the sunrise of rebirth is always waiting on the horizon. Transformation, metamorphosis, passion and sexuality are all heavily pronounced this year for you. Saturn, the great taskmaster, has taken up long-term residency in your stars until 2015 to give you and your life a complete makeover. Add to this the fact that your ruler, Pluto, is in what is known as a 'mutual reception' with Saturn (mutual influence by means of swapping signs) and the force for rebuilding your life from its very foundation is doubled. This is a year for uncovering your greatest resourcefulness, and relinquishing any skeletons from your psychic closet. Death and rebirth become daily themes as you shed layers upon layers of the former you.
The speed at which your life is moving, evolving and changing is unprecedented, Scorpio. The total whirlwind that began in the latter half of 2012 continues as the eclipse points impact your sign directly. Watch for key events in May and November as signposts for more change to come. There's a good chance you'll change jobs, move, start or end a relationship or simply start an entirely new chapter of your life under this intense influence. Trust that whatever you're putting your passionate energy into this year will indeed build out to something lasting and beautiful.

This could easily be one of the most exhilarating and spiritual years in a long time, Scorpio. Jupiter supports your quest for deep change and self-awareness by working on the Eighth House (Scorpio sector) of your horoscope until June. Delve into your own secret depths and discover how powerful you really are. Few are as tough and resilient as you are. It's actually your sensitivity and vulnerability that make you strong. At the end of the day, you may be the most emotionally courageous sign there is. You heal others by showing them that it's safe to confront their own darkness as you have done. This is the greatest gift and strength you'll be sharing with many in 2013.


The commitment theme extends into all life arenas this year, but especially love. Saturn demands that you stick with the relationship you've started if you ever want to learn deep and meaningful lessons about intimacy, Scorpio. If you jump from partner to partner, you'll remain stuck in shallow water. If you avoid love altogether for fear of being hurt, you'll simply end up lonely and bitter. Why not put your heart on the line and try being vulnerable for a change? Yes it might feel like it will kill you to trust someone again, but think of the rewards when deep passion and connection are possible if you're willing to take the risk.
Neptune continues to bring the longing for a soulful merger with a romantic partner again this year. Neptune is taking residence in your love zone for the long haul, so the themes of illusion, disillusion and the desire for a divine romance continue. You want a love that inspires poetry, art, music and cinema. You want a love worthy of the gods, Scorpio. Nothing less will do. You may have to lower your expectations if you want to survive in a real relationship inevitably filled with human limitations lest you suffer grave disappointment again and again. This doesn't mean you have to give up on the idea of a beautiful romantic relationship. Just know that it will have its off days and there will be moments of drudgery and discord, if you want something long-term. There is no escaping the difficult and ugly parts of romance.

Having the combination of Saturn and Neptune influencing your stars actually provides a healthy balance between reality and fantasy, so you may just find your way to that ever-elusive middle ground in love this year. Plus, the eclipse points will be moving your relationship along so fast that you'll have to learn your lessons quickly. You may be surprised how fast your partnership goes from zero to one hundred seemingly overnight. You may move in together, get married or just simply deepen your commitment level to one another.


If there's been any wavering in your attitude toward your career goals, you can kiss that wishy-washy nonsense goodbye. You're ready to get super serious no matter how much discipline, hard work and perseverance is required. Having Saturn, the king of commitment, in your sign is forcing you to finally just go for it. All-talk-and-no-action was so 2012. This is the year for strategy, planning and follow through. You have all the talent required to hit it big; now you just need the structure to support your large-scale ventures. Saturn in Scorpio will provide the necessary framework to get it all done.

The eclipse points are hitting you so hard this year that your life is in constant fast-forward motion -- career included. You easily have so much going on that you struggle to keep track of it all. If you have not already considered getting an assistant or delegating some of the thousands of tasks and projects you've got sitting on the back-burner, this is the year to let some of the control go and ask for help. It's only holding you back when you insist on doing everything yourself, especially when the planets are pushing you so hard to create even more. You need time. Time is money, Scorpio, so find ways to free some up in 2013 so that you may pursue the passionate aspects of your work rather than getting bogged down by the grunt work.

Jupiter will continue to back your resourceful nature. Others (with money) want to help you, so don't be afraid to reach out. You're a worthy investment and you'll be able to pay them back tenfold with time. This is a year for building and capitalizing on your assets. Your potential is off the charts, and this year you're determined to realize it fully. You will not be satisfied with any half-baked measures in your career. When Jupiter moves into your travel zone during the second half of the year, expect to be moving from coast-to-coast or continent-to-continent frequently in order to expand your contacts and professional potential. You're definitely moving and shaking this year, Scorpio. There's no doubt about it!

Lovely as ever..

Cinta Carnelian

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A love story from Classmate: Puppy Love (cinta monyet), Crush (naksir), and Like

What is the feeling when you fall into puppy love? I feels like your heart go to boom boom every time you see a person..
I feel that since I was in Elementary School I like my senior and everytime I saw him, I'll jumping like a kangroo, yelling loudly, and talk loudly.. Hahahaha Crazy Girl..

When I was in Middle School that happen too, I crushed some seniors, and jumping, shocking, my leg couldn't stand well when I was near them.. SO BAD..... Silly years again..

And when Im in High School, I crushed some guy, but only crush (naksir) for 3 weeks, after that done, because I don't want to have any boyfriend.. But I feel so happy with my classmates LOVE story..

So here is the story, My classmates just call her Amy, is falling in love with a guy (just call him Greg) for a whole year since 10th grade,and Greg gave her a lot of attention, He call her, He gave her his jacket,he carry her bag, he bring her drink, he ask her anything if she want, OMG what a perfect guy. and Amy like him so much, and they are dating until 2 yrs right now!!! They are planning to engage too! Crazy right? I bet that is Love, not just Cinta Monyet or Naksir. How can a real love come to just a 17 yrs old guy and girl? 

But I think that just normal...
Love is something that you can't resist
Love is something that bring 2 different people together..
Love is wonderful, makes you stand up strongly,but also can burn you!
Love is something that we should say thank you to God,because he gives us this feeling..
because with love, there is no war,

I am falling in Love with a guy right now. I know it's not puppy love, because Im not jumping, and my heart never booming when I saw him. I don't know it is just a crush or it's a true feeling?
I feel happy and calm when I can see him, looking at him really makes my day. Even though in my hardest and stressful day he can makes me praise God more, and say a lot of thank you to God. Look at him from afar, it's okay for me, because when I see his smile, his eyes, his winks, even his angry face, even from afar that's makes me feel im in a good condition, makes me loving / liking him in any of his condition and makes me wanna follow him someday... 

That's my classmate story, and my story too..
Love is funny, but adorable too...
Im not a good lover, bcz I got hurt by a lot of boys,I used  to choose to hate them..
But I realize now, that not all guys are BAD, there are a lot of good guys out there, my Father, my brother, my uncles, mas Yo, Mas Aswan, Mas Indra, Peco, Mas Phill, Mas Jeremy, Mas Hoho,Mas Aan, kak George, Jonathan  (they are my brother's friends also I always think that they are my brothers)Mas Lee, My teachers at school, your father and brothers, Archi, Anton, Yosep, Randy, Nanda, (my best friends at school), and many more..

Love changes me, from a skeptic girl become an open minded girl..
Love changes me to be more girly than before,
To makes me feel closer to GOD (that's the most important things, if you love a guy but he make you apart from God, you should ended your relationship.) When I know the one that I  like (call him TOTIL) I feel I am closer to God right now. I always give thanks to Him everyday, even though i have a bad day,but TOTIL teach me about how God loves me and He never leave me,that makes me love God more and more, and I start to think that I want to serve God more with my talents and skills that God gave to me.. thank you TOTIL...
That happens to my lovely classmate too, her BF is really active in church, that makes her really active in ministry activities too.. What a great effect is that!

FYI : I'll post my Christmas stories soon! They are still in my brother camera!

When Love come from God, it will be so BEAUTIFUL!and it is never Fail!

Cinta Carnelian

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wrong Decisions : Now what should I do?

I got Texts from my 2 US Whites friend,
about how they feel sorry hearing my dream to study in Calvin College end-up because of SAT.
And both of them said, that I should take ACT instead of SAT.

Oh my God, so I realize, that my failure is because I took the wrong test. SAT is famous as a really hard test and perfect for native English speaker. ACT is easier (even though it still hard). and you know, 1 section in SAT only 25 minutes, but in ACT it's 45-60 mins!!!!!!!! I HATE SAT !!!!

But it is the problem, SI (Mountainview Intr Christian School) only have the December ACT, and it's only on 8th of December. (God, What should I do???)
So, I'll end up my dream to go to Calvin next year.. (Im gonna miss Emily's wedding NO!!!!!!)

I told you before that I got $18.000 (175 juta) Scholarship in President University (an International University in Jakarta) per year for International Relations major. I don't know I want to go there or not. I only should pay $3400 (32,5 juta) per year for School and dorm. That's still a lot, but comparing to Calvin ($40,800 (400 juta) per year) it easiest for my family to pay. and I believe if God want me to go to that School, He will help me.

I have a dream to become International Negotiator, so I can help countries about liasoning stuffs...
But I also have a dream to be a baker (?? that's a secret, My hobby is baking, my future husband and kids will really proud of me, I can bake a lot of delicious cookies and cakes( just ask my friends and family, my cookies and christstollen are good)! also western food (I can't cook Indonesian foods except Nasi Goreng hahaha)) But Also I want to Serve God with my communication skills! And listened to my best friend's preaches in skype yesterday make me interesting in that.  so WHAT SHOULD I DO? I don't want to choose the wrong Decision again like SAT!
1. Go to President University (It's only 3 years n 4 months you know! so fast! also I got International Bachelor degree) after that maybe go to a place for 1-2yrs (only me and my best friend know it, im gonna go there to serve God, n I hope only 1 yr) and hopefully can go to Pepperdine to get Master of Dispute degree than become an International Negotiator.
2.Try to be flight attendants (i don't want to, it just my brother's idea) for 1-2 yrs, gain money, took ACT than go to Calvin College (wanna cry right now!, How I love that place)
3. Go to IHS or Laras Asri Resort Pastry school than become a pattisier (pastry chef) gain money, go to Calvin (or USC!!!! hahahaha)
4. Go to somewhere (that only me and my best friend know about it,I can't tell you,it is to serve God) for 1-2 yrs... 

Which one the best for me? My dad n brother said the 1st one is the best, Go to PU, the secret place, (only 5 yrs to do it, so I'll be 23 yrs old if I left the secret place) and go Pepperdine Univ (for 2 yrs, I'll be 25!) , than become a Negotiator (maybe?) and also a good baker for my family!!! So I'll be success in the age of 26+ hopefully...

Need your opinion please...
still love you so much!!!!!

Cinta Carnelian

Friday, December 21, 2012

Doomsday : Just for me

21st of December isn't a doomsday for anybody.. but it is the end of the world for me

I got my SAT score, my math score is good, but bad for my reading. It's means I can't get any scholarship to US with that.It's mean my dreams are gone... really gone...

I just realize that I am dumb, I am stupid, I am a crazy dreamer, Im wasting my time with studying too hard, but I got nothing.
I am dreaming too high..

And I don't know about my future anymore, I don't know about it and don't care about it at all..
And you know, who is the 1st person who come and hug me, and try to make me happy for 1ish hour  until almost 9 p.m? It's only The one that i really like! Not my friends, not my family. My dad n mom just say "sorry, you did the best..."
410 is BAD, I get 470 in my 1st Pre SAT.and in latest pre test I got 540 but now I got only 410 for reading. they keep saying You don't speak english, and learn english everyday.. that's okay..
WHAT?? Are they high or something?

Even today, When I cried since 4 p.m until now almost 6p.m, my dad just hold my soldier, my brother and mom are YELLED at me! Do you know how it feel, when you feel God betrayed you, when you feel down, no one care.. Your friends, your best friends, your family ARE NOT CARE about you at all... My brother who I really love, didn't try to comfort me, I hate my life.

I prayed to God about 15 minutes ago, I payed to Him "You gave my hope, you gave me dreams, now all are gone. What do you want me to do God? still want me to studying International Relations, and become an International Negotiator or not? Up to you.. Just tell me, If you want me to be something"

Now, I don't know what to do... even though I got $18.000 per year scholarship in President University, I think I lost my spirit... don't know what to do right now..

Still love you guys, even though you don't care with me at all...

Cinta Carnelian

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tahun ini: keajiban dan pelajaran (Indo ver)

Tahun ini tu tahun yg luar biasa banget bagi aq... aneh tapi luar biasa..

- Aq mengubah mimpiku bukan lagi ingin menjadi mahasiswi HI di Bandung tapi malah ingin pergi ke tempat yang jauh untuk belajar, walaupun menyadari aku akan meninggalkan orang tuaku, keluargaku, teman - temanku, dan semua hal yang kucintai dan hatiku disini juga.
- Merayakan ultahku di coffee shop
- Mendaftar di Calvin College
- Mengambil test SAT agar bisa kuliah di "The States"
- Belajar untuk lebih menyayangi teman -teman lama, teman lumayan baru, tapi menghindari untuk kenal orang baru
- Belajar mencitai mbak - mbakku lagi (mbak kandung dan "mbak" sahabat)
- JAdi gila dan stress berat karena terlalu banyak tes di waktu yg berdekatan
- Dapet banyak banget cobaan
- Mengetahui betapa aku menyayangi keluargaku walau aku nggak pernah nunjukin pada mereka
- Percaya kalo aku nggak bisa apa - apa untuk SAT tanpa dukungan dari mbak Abbie, Mbak Mel, mbak Kathryn, Mas Yo, Kari, new sister, mbak Julie, mas tetangga, Jo, dan mas Seth juga
- Merasa sangat sayang kepada Wati, Pita dan Karin (teman curhat aye niih)
- Percaya bahwa aku merasa sangat menyayangi teman - teman 12 Bahasa, separuh jiwaku dari kelas 11, kaliah HUEBAT!
- Sadar bahwa saya adalah pembuat kue yang baik. (tepuuk tangan) !!!
- Belajar untuk menentukan masa depanku sesuai kehendak Tuhan bukan aq.
Dan pelajaran konyol tahun ini:
- Aku nggak benci makhluk bernama cowok! karena nggak semua dari mereka jahat,beberapa sangat baik..
- Nggak cinta monyet-monyetan lagi! (cinta gorila dong!)
- Mencoba menjaga hatiku dari cowok - cowok
- Mencoba bijak dengan hatiku
- Semakin hari semakin galau karena sesuatu yang bikin gila!!

and the most important thing is...


Thank you for my Lord, My God, Jesus Christ to teach me about life, to help me through my hardest days, to stay in my side, to make me still believe in You.
I love you all guys, my family,my brothers and sisters, my friends, my teachers to help me and support me all the time.
Let's fly together with me!

Cinta Carnelian

This Year: Miracles n Lessons (English Ver)

I don't know what to say about this year. This year is such a weird year...

- I changed my dream, from a normal dream (studying International Relations in Bandung) and decided that I want to study far away from my Country, leave my family, my friends, my heart here...
- Celebratig my 18 yrs old Birthday in a Coffee Shop
- Applying to Calvin College
- I took SAT, so I can study in US's Colleges
- Learn to keep old friendship, almost new friendship but start to avoid new people..
- Learn to love my sisters more..
- Got mess up and a lot of stress because of bunch of examination.
- I got a lot of hard days
- Fighting with my brother (it happens rarely)
- Believing how I love my family, even though I never show it to them.
- Believing that I can't survive without ms.Proud in Math, American Melanie and Katy in English for the SAT,also with all the support from Mas Yo and Kari, new sister Julie and my new neighbor Jo, also Seth too.
- Believing how much that I love Pita, Wati and Karin more than my life (and realizing that I'll leave them)
- Believing that I really love my classmates in Language Class (they are my soul since in the 11th grade)
- Realizing that I am a good BAKER! YEAHHH!
- Learn how to decide my future ( I still think about it)
And the funny things that I learn are:
- I don't HATE boys anymore not all of them are a bad, some of them are good.
- I don't have a puppy love anymore
- I try to manage my feeling to a guy
- I try to be careful with my heart.
- I get more galau and more galau everyday (galau is a feeling when you can't decide few things)

and the most important thing is...


Thank you for my Lord, My God, Jesus Christ to teach me about life, to help me through my hardest days, to stay in my side, to make me still believe in You.
I love you all guys, my family,my brothers and sisters, my friends, my teachers to help me and support me all the time.
Let's fly together with me!

Cinta Carnelian

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

UPDATE : Rainy Season

Hmm.... It's true Rainy season In Indonesia / Salatiga...
Now it is around 27 C here... MmmMmmm... cold and everyone in here already know, if Salatiga getting colder, I can get Masuk Angin (catching a cold), and Kembung (intestinal gas?) for the whole week... :-(( and it hurts!!

I can feel my stomach get bigger, hurt, and airy, and than It will be so easy for  me to *sorry* farting... I hate that PART!!!
A lot of my friends getting sick too,my mbak Abbie,my sister, my brother, my teachers, my classmates, and my best friend who really love sport got sick too!! Almost EVERYONE GOT SICK!! 

But a lot of things that I love in this rainy day.. Relaxation, sleep, cozy foods, hot drinks, and love...
Through my hard days, i can feel the rain makes me feel comfortable in my room, wrapped my self with blanket while studying, reading, blogging, or anything. I can take a nap (I rarely do that in dry season), I can sleep better than yesterday. My mom make a lot of delicious foods for my family, hot soup, casserole, very tasty Javanese fried chicken, and many more. To warm my day, I can make hot cocoa instant drink, cereal drink, hot coffee, and a lot of warm and delicious drinks. and ..
LOVE (not love for me to a guy or something) but I can see how the Great GOD really helps me through all the stressing stuffs... Even though I know, my body isn't in a good condition (most of my friends know that im not healthy enough) but I NEVER getting sick because of seasons, I still healthy until now (but in fact, my stomach sometimes getting crazy), even though a lot of people with flu viruses lives around me.. God know that I shouldn't sick because I still have SAT (over), Last Term Examination in my School (until this friday) and The Rafting Adventure (with my friends) and Christmas thing (in my school) in this weekend and next week. Also I can see how God gave me a lot of beautiful friends and family around me, who keep supporting me in EVERYTHING, except for my dreams. Love from God, and people around me makes me strong enough to do anything... 

And I want to say thank you for God, because he is blessing me with wonderful thing, that I can't imagine before, and make my mind open wider than before..

Thank you for rain season, hot drinks, cozy foods, wonderful family and friends,also a full of blessed heart and good health...

Love you guys!

Cinta Carnelian

p.s but one thing that  i really HATE at rain season is FLYING TERMITE!!Which really love to get near with lamps after rain!
A bucket of flying termite after hard rain from my house's terrace YUCK!

Monday, December 3, 2012

ALERT : DIY Christmas Gift and Craft !!

Christmas!! Christmas!!
This is the most interesting and wonderful time in the year!!

After showing you 2012 Christmas Color Trends in my other post, now I'll tell you about Christmas gifts.. but before that, I want to update you with my Christmas DECOR in my house. we chose the candy color theme, my brother and I picked the colors. we chose Deep Blue and Pink!! He said it's "Katy Perry's Californian Gurls's color theme".. ooh I love my brother!!

Back to the topic!
I bet, for this Christmas, you want to give a lot of things for people that you love.. Your family, spouse, lover,     kids, friends, neighbors, also your teachers. and now Im writing here, to give you some idea, in i'll divide them into 3 sub group, Craft Ideas, Jar Gifts, and Beauty Gifts!

Craft Ideas :
 I give you 5 Hand made craft Idea for Christmas gift, most of them are so easy to make, perfect for kids to learn it..

Needle Felted Woodland

Needle Felted Woodland Ornaments : use it for christmas tree ornaments.. Cute isn't it? how to make this.

Snowdrop tea towels

Snowdrop printed tea towels : it's not for kids or ornaments, we can make it for our girl friends, or for your mom, sister, grandma, aunty and teacher. how to make 

Paper Christmas Tree

Paper Christmas Tree : So cute to put in on the top of the fireplace or table.. perfect for your to make 

Photo Christmas Ornament

Photo Christmas Ornament : Give it to your family and close friends, they will remember your family forever..  how to make 

Animal Critters

Cute Animal Critters : I love them so much.. give it to kids around your neighborhood! how to make

Jar Gifts : 
This is so hot right now, and I love this idea, mason jars and gifts.. perfect combination and looks so fancy, but it's inexpensive..
Chocolate Nut Christmas Cookies

Chocolate Nut Cookies : yummy yum yum.. for your neighbors, friends and teachers.. I want to give this for my teachers. How to make

Spicy three bean soup

Spicy Three Bean Soup : It's rainy in Indo, and Snowy in US/Europe i means it's cold!! Make this, and you will be happy, and make people happy too. How to make 

Classic Cocoa in Jar

Classic Cocoa in Jar : Classic Hot Cocoa.. perfect for hiding in your house and enjoying your cozy time. How to make 

Water snow globes

Water Snow Globes : Very beautiful craft, I want to make this with my mom! How to make 

S'mores bars kit in bar

S'mores bars in Jar : Who doesn't like smores? just give this kit to your friends, and they will love you S'more! How to make 

Beauty Gifts : Beauty stuffs which comes from nature are the best. Choose organics ingredients and It'll be GREAT! all of them ar DYI

Lavender bath salt
Lavernder Bath Salt : Smells good, and make you relax.. also make your skin feels so great how to make 

hemp & honey lip balm
Hemp & Honey Lip Balm : for moisturizing lips how to make

Oatmeal face scrub
Oatmeal and Chamomile Face Scrub : Give it you your friends and family, for very smooth skin texture. how to make 

Yum Scrub
Yum Hand Scrub :It's not for face,it's for hand and body. Girls will love it, especially because the color so beautiful. how to make 

Lavender Body Wash
Lavender Body Wash : A very beautiful and useful Christmas gift for girls. how to make 

Wrap ideas : If you'll give stuffs to your friends or family, and you're confused about how to wrap it, I give you 5 ideas, how to wrap gifts perfectly...

Christmas mitten gift box
Christmas Mitten Gift Box :It's beautiful, if you want to give jewelery to some one, you can use this. how to make

music wraps
Holiday Wraps : I love these Holiday Wraps collection, so simple and beautiful. how to make 

Candy Box
Christmas Candy Box : For candies box, use this. how to make 

Vintage wraps ideas
Vintage Wrapping : Love all these vintage idea, looks so classic and beautiful. how to make 

Christmas gift bag
Christmas Bag  : Look at these cute Christmas gift bags, you can use it for cookies, candies, or anything! how to make  

I think that's enough for now, happy shopping and crafting for Christmas gifts!!
Share my warm hug to all people that you love..

Cinta Carnelian

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Obssesed : Country Songs and LOVE

In this 5 months, I hate most of my old hobbies especially my music hobbies...
I start to listen into Rock music again, and Western Songs after this two years i run away from them, and fell down into Kpop. but in this three months I start to try new things, when I remembered about Tiff, Melissa and Peco I remembered about Country songs, so I turned on my Jango online music, and switched it into Country channel.. And in that Sunday, after church, I felt so happy and calm while listening to those singers, When I like the song, I wrote the singer's name. the songs that I listened to wasn't Taylor Swift's songs.. but Blake Shelton, Chris Young, Luke Bryan, Lady Antebellum, Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, etc...

Country guy: Chris Young with cowboy hat

So in this three months, I download 7 country albums, 3 from Blake Shelton (Pure BS, Red River Blue, and Cheer! It's Christmas), Chris Young's The man I want to be, Luke Bryan's Tailgates and Tanlines, Lady Antebellum's In this winter night and Taylor Swift's Red. Shelton's Bryan's and Swift's albums are my favorites.. And if you know, I was able to play guitars when I was in 9th grades, I always plays Katy Perry's songs. After this 3 years, two weeks ago I opened my Yamaha guitar and I start to play guitar again, I forgot how to play it, but now I can play Begin Again and States of Grace by Taylor Swift, And now Im learning Bryan's Tailgate Blues, Blakes's God Gave me You and What I wouldn't give also Swift's Treacherous. Listening to Country Songs and Playing guitar makes me feel really good, I can release my stress because of my school's tests and SAT. Im back again to the old Cinta, who listened into rock musics and country songs!! And the things that I like from Country songs are the music, the guitar instruments and the lyrics so natural And make me feel like I'm falling in love again. I'll show you some song that I really love (not from C:

Blake Shelton :
God Gave Me You : This beautiful song really help me to face my hardest day, and reminds me of  friend who really help me and support me, and give me advises. guitar chord here. my favorite lyric is "God gave me you for the up and down, God gave me you for the days of doubt..."

What I wouldn't give : Makes me remember to love anyone else, not just use them for benefits, but love them for real. "What I didn't do was give my whole heart to you, and that's why you're gone" chord here.

Honey Bee : A love song "You'll be my soft and sweet, I'll be your strong and steady" Imagine that a gentleman say that to me ^_^

Ready to roll : "But baby I don't know about you, but Im ready to roll..." Yeah, if you love someone, you won't care what ever he/she is, just ready to have a good time with him/her!

Another songs from Shelton that I like are: This can't be good, The more I drink, I have been lonely, The last country sing, home, Im sorry, Over, Hey, Red River Blue.

Taylor Swift: Listening to her song makes me happy, falling in love and thinking that she is almost RIGHT!

Begin Again: I love this song, because I feel the same like this song... I used to hate guys because I thought they are same as Bad as some guys that I ever met but now I realize, not all of them are Bad, a lot of them are good too..  "I've been spending the last 8 months, thinking all love ever done it's break, and burn, and end, but on a Wednesday in a cafe, I watch it begin again.."

State of Grace  : When we love someone, sometimes it can be pain, not because of that person, but about the world around you and that person, but you will always try to keep your love. "Love is a ruthless game, unless you play it good and right, these are the hands of fate you are my Achilles's heels"

Treacherous : this sentences are enough: "your name has echoed through my mine and i just think you should, think you should know, "

22 : This is what you say if you love someone: "You don't know about me but I bet you want to Everything will be alright if we just keep dancing like we're 22" even though im not 22 yet, but I bet I know this feeling..

and one of the most beautiful song, I want to sing with this song in my wedding day "Everything has changed"
"All I knew this morning when I woke
Is I know something now, know something now I didn't before
And all I've seen since 18 hours ago is green eyes and freckles and your smile in the back of my mind making me feel like
I just want to know you better know you better know you better now
" how beautiful that is...

And a pot of her songs are beautiful...

Chris Young
The man I want to be :All guys out there should listen this song "God I wanna be your man, And I wanna be her man, God I only hope she still believes ,In the man I wanna be"

Voices : If you love your family, and they are good people, it's perfect for you (are all family in Dixie States like that? looks so warm and can cook a lot of delicious food.) "I hear voices, I hear voices like, My dad saying quit that team, And you'll be a quitter for the rest of your life, Mama tellin' me to say a prayer, Every time I lay down at night, And grandma sayin' if you find the one, You'd better treat her right, Yeah, I hear voices all the time. Sometimes I try to ignore 'em, But I thank God for 'em, 'Cause they made me who I am"

And I love most of his songs, his voice is so beautiful!

Luke Bryan
Tailgate blues : I don't understand this song, juts love the music.. here is the lyric does anyone can explain to me what it means?

Some of his songs are adult song, but I like his music,and his accent...

After listening to that kind of song, I always wondering, what is American Southern looks like? I want to visit Alabama, Tennessee, Illinois, and many more... I want to see their life,their garden, their real music, their real country boys and girls (I heard that Country boys are so gentle, and good looking also the girls can cooks delicious foods). God please makes my dream come true, if I can go to the States, I want to have vacation in American Southern States too.. Amen.. 
And I love how their song's lyrics going, especially for love songs, so realistic and beautiful...

your name has echoed through my mine and i just think you should now
Love you guys,

Cinta Carnelian

Saturday, December 1, 2012

my SAT Update !!

Today is the 1st of December, it means SAT for me..

The day before SAT, my friends keep supporting me, said that I can do it, I prayed every three hours because I was so scared... to make me lil bit happy, I ate delicious mie ayam (Chicken Noodle) near Mountainview, with Karin and Vey on the afternoon, and than have a fun shopping and photo printing with Karin in Ada Baru, and I found something funny, when we shopped to find some tissues for Karin's church friends I found a Paseo tissue it has a picture in the package a funny cute white teddy bear wore a blue shirt, it's really look like my best friend! I just grabbed it and bought it.. (Sorry, i always silly when I am stress).
Before we bought tissue we met the American Melanie and her best friend, Emily while the did the Christmas Shopping, and she supported me..

At night, my best friends texted me with a lot of supporting stuffs, and said that they praying for my SAT. One of my best friend really made my hardest day, even though he's not in a good condition, he keep supporting me with Religious Advises. and thank you for my tutor, Abbie who always support me even though im so DUMB at Math, and mbak Kathy who always help me too.That night I prepared everything well, and try to sleep earlier..

In the morning of the D-day, I feel so scared. My hand was so cold, especially when I entered SI. But thank you God, my brother mas Yo was there too, he was the "watchman" for SAT. I'm so glad that there's someone that I know there, Kenny Armstrong also took the SAT in the same room with me, I chatted with him for a while.. and the test begin.

It was NOT REALLY GOOD ! the problems seems so difficult, harder than the pre test, harder than i expected. I'm so scared. The time's limits too... I can't solve (even don't have a change to read) some problems, because the time is running out. I skipped some problems that I can't understand. I always praying, before, during and after the test, keep saying something like "God,you gave me ways, you opened doors for me, now I want ask you again to help me, to open this door,to give me ways. I know im not a superb, I know you can help me, I surrender to you. I will try to do it, and please God, you do the rest." and I hope he always help me. Thanks to God, I can bubbled all the problems that I can do. He gave me enough time, He gave me spirit, He gave me heart to say "this is  RIGHT or NOT", and He supported me, He makes me feel calm.

After the test is over, I met Mas Djamal (the SI's Hot Jaga, Mbak Navita's husband) and he asked about my condition, and he supported me too.. Im so glad, that God gave me peoples who really supported me, my friends in School, my family, my "brothers and sisters" and my foreign friends who don't live here. Do you know Danielle Amacher, the girl from Biola? She is so sweet, She always support me. I don't even have any photo with her when she visited my school, so sad. She said she have been prayed for me. Melanie, Julie, Kathy, mas Hoho, and Jo said that they are praying for me. That makes me feel really strong.

When I came back home, I cried. I feel so scared and disappointed by the time. and I chatted with my best friends,try to do some jokes, and sleep even though I don't feel any happy things in my heart, I just feel so sad and scared. until now, I still praying to God, I surrender to Him. I texted my sisters and my school mates about the SAT. I want to say Thank you for mas Yo who always help me about SAT, my GREATEST math tutor mbak Abbie, My American sisters Mel and Kathy who always support me and teach me English (Im sorry mbak Melanie, im not good at writing), Jo and the rest of great brothers and sisters, mas Peco too, and my best friends at school, my teachers, my dad's friends and of course MY FAMILY for material and non material support that they give to me.. and you all my friends, who don't really know me, but read my blog. thank you for your supports.

My Score will coming out in the next 3 weeks... I'll tell you later.

If we work, we work, if we pray God works

Cinta Carnelian