Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A love story from Classmate: Puppy Love (cinta monyet), Crush (naksir), and Like

What is the feeling when you fall into puppy love? I feels like your heart go to boom boom every time you see a person..
I feel that since I was in Elementary School I like my senior and everytime I saw him, I'll jumping like a kangroo, yelling loudly, and talk loudly.. Hahahaha Crazy Girl..

When I was in Middle School that happen too, I crushed some seniors, and jumping, shocking, my leg couldn't stand well when I was near them.. SO BAD..... Silly years again..

And when Im in High School, I crushed some guy, but only crush (naksir) for 3 weeks, after that done, because I don't want to have any boyfriend.. But I feel so happy with my classmates LOVE story..

So here is the story, My classmates just call her Amy, is falling in love with a guy (just call him Greg) for a whole year since 10th grade,and Greg gave her a lot of attention, He call her, He gave her his jacket,he carry her bag, he bring her drink, he ask her anything if she want, OMG what a perfect guy. and Amy like him so much, and they are dating until 2 yrs right now!!! They are planning to engage too! Crazy right? I bet that is Love, not just Cinta Monyet or Naksir. How can a real love come to just a 17 yrs old guy and girl? 

But I think that just normal...
Love is something that you can't resist
Love is something that bring 2 different people together..
Love is wonderful, makes you stand up strongly,but also can burn you!
Love is something that we should say thank you to God,because he gives us this feeling..
because with love, there is no war,

I am falling in Love with a guy right now. I know it's not puppy love, because Im not jumping, and my heart never booming when I saw him. I don't know it is just a crush or it's a true feeling?
I feel happy and calm when I can see him, looking at him really makes my day. Even though in my hardest and stressful day he can makes me praise God more, and say a lot of thank you to God. Look at him from afar, it's okay for me, because when I see his smile, his eyes, his winks, even his angry face, even from afar that's makes me feel im in a good condition, makes me loving / liking him in any of his condition and makes me wanna follow him someday... 

That's my classmate story, and my story too..
Love is funny, but adorable too...
Im not a good lover, bcz I got hurt by a lot of boys,I used  to choose to hate them..
But I realize now, that not all guys are BAD, there are a lot of good guys out there, my Father, my brother, my uncles, mas Yo, Mas Aswan, Mas Indra, Peco, Mas Phill, Mas Jeremy, Mas Hoho,Mas Aan, kak George, Jonathan  (they are my brother's friends also I always think that they are my brothers)Mas Lee, My teachers at school, your father and brothers, Archi, Anton, Yosep, Randy, Nanda, (my best friends at school), and many more..

Love changes me, from a skeptic girl become an open minded girl..
Love changes me to be more girly than before,
To makes me feel closer to GOD (that's the most important things, if you love a guy but he make you apart from God, you should ended your relationship.) When I know the one that I  like (call him TOTIL) I feel I am closer to God right now. I always give thanks to Him everyday, even though i have a bad day,but TOTIL teach me about how God loves me and He never leave me,that makes me love God more and more, and I start to think that I want to serve God more with my talents and skills that God gave to me.. thank you TOTIL...
That happens to my lovely classmate too, her BF is really active in church, that makes her really active in ministry activities too.. What a great effect is that!

FYI : I'll post my Christmas stories soon! They are still in my brother camera!

When Love come from God, it will be so BEAUTIFUL!and it is never Fail!

Cinta Carnelian

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