Monday, December 3, 2012

ALERT : DIY Christmas Gift and Craft !!

Christmas!! Christmas!!
This is the most interesting and wonderful time in the year!!

After showing you 2012 Christmas Color Trends in my other post, now I'll tell you about Christmas gifts.. but before that, I want to update you with my Christmas DECOR in my house. we chose the candy color theme, my brother and I picked the colors. we chose Deep Blue and Pink!! He said it's "Katy Perry's Californian Gurls's color theme".. ooh I love my brother!!

Back to the topic!
I bet, for this Christmas, you want to give a lot of things for people that you love.. Your family, spouse, lover,     kids, friends, neighbors, also your teachers. and now Im writing here, to give you some idea, in i'll divide them into 3 sub group, Craft Ideas, Jar Gifts, and Beauty Gifts!

Craft Ideas :
 I give you 5 Hand made craft Idea for Christmas gift, most of them are so easy to make, perfect for kids to learn it..

Needle Felted Woodland

Needle Felted Woodland Ornaments : use it for christmas tree ornaments.. Cute isn't it? how to make this.

Snowdrop tea towels

Snowdrop printed tea towels : it's not for kids or ornaments, we can make it for our girl friends, or for your mom, sister, grandma, aunty and teacher. how to make 

Paper Christmas Tree

Paper Christmas Tree : So cute to put in on the top of the fireplace or table.. perfect for your to make 

Photo Christmas Ornament

Photo Christmas Ornament : Give it to your family and close friends, they will remember your family forever..  how to make 

Animal Critters

Cute Animal Critters : I love them so much.. give it to kids around your neighborhood! how to make

Jar Gifts : 
This is so hot right now, and I love this idea, mason jars and gifts.. perfect combination and looks so fancy, but it's inexpensive..
Chocolate Nut Christmas Cookies

Chocolate Nut Cookies : yummy yum yum.. for your neighbors, friends and teachers.. I want to give this for my teachers. How to make

Spicy three bean soup

Spicy Three Bean Soup : It's rainy in Indo, and Snowy in US/Europe i means it's cold!! Make this, and you will be happy, and make people happy too. How to make 

Classic Cocoa in Jar

Classic Cocoa in Jar : Classic Hot Cocoa.. perfect for hiding in your house and enjoying your cozy time. How to make 

Water snow globes

Water Snow Globes : Very beautiful craft, I want to make this with my mom! How to make 

S'mores bars kit in bar

S'mores bars in Jar : Who doesn't like smores? just give this kit to your friends, and they will love you S'more! How to make 

Beauty Gifts : Beauty stuffs which comes from nature are the best. Choose organics ingredients and It'll be GREAT! all of them ar DYI

Lavender bath salt
Lavernder Bath Salt : Smells good, and make you relax.. also make your skin feels so great how to make 

hemp & honey lip balm
Hemp & Honey Lip Balm : for moisturizing lips how to make

Oatmeal face scrub
Oatmeal and Chamomile Face Scrub : Give it you your friends and family, for very smooth skin texture. how to make 

Yum Scrub
Yum Hand Scrub :It's not for face,it's for hand and body. Girls will love it, especially because the color so beautiful. how to make 

Lavender Body Wash
Lavender Body Wash : A very beautiful and useful Christmas gift for girls. how to make 

Wrap ideas : If you'll give stuffs to your friends or family, and you're confused about how to wrap it, I give you 5 ideas, how to wrap gifts perfectly...

Christmas mitten gift box
Christmas Mitten Gift Box :It's beautiful, if you want to give jewelery to some one, you can use this. how to make

music wraps
Holiday Wraps : I love these Holiday Wraps collection, so simple and beautiful. how to make 

Candy Box
Christmas Candy Box : For candies box, use this. how to make 

Vintage wraps ideas
Vintage Wrapping : Love all these vintage idea, looks so classic and beautiful. how to make 

Christmas gift bag
Christmas Bag  : Look at these cute Christmas gift bags, you can use it for cookies, candies, or anything! how to make  

I think that's enough for now, happy shopping and crafting for Christmas gifts!!
Share my warm hug to all people that you love..

Cinta Carnelian

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