Saturday, December 1, 2012

my SAT Update !!

Today is the 1st of December, it means SAT for me..

The day before SAT, my friends keep supporting me, said that I can do it, I prayed every three hours because I was so scared... to make me lil bit happy, I ate delicious mie ayam (Chicken Noodle) near Mountainview, with Karin and Vey on the afternoon, and than have a fun shopping and photo printing with Karin in Ada Baru, and I found something funny, when we shopped to find some tissues for Karin's church friends I found a Paseo tissue it has a picture in the package a funny cute white teddy bear wore a blue shirt, it's really look like my best friend! I just grabbed it and bought it.. (Sorry, i always silly when I am stress).
Before we bought tissue we met the American Melanie and her best friend, Emily while the did the Christmas Shopping, and she supported me..

At night, my best friends texted me with a lot of supporting stuffs, and said that they praying for my SAT. One of my best friend really made my hardest day, even though he's not in a good condition, he keep supporting me with Religious Advises. and thank you for my tutor, Abbie who always support me even though im so DUMB at Math, and mbak Kathy who always help me too.That night I prepared everything well, and try to sleep earlier..

In the morning of the D-day, I feel so scared. My hand was so cold, especially when I entered SI. But thank you God, my brother mas Yo was there too, he was the "watchman" for SAT. I'm so glad that there's someone that I know there, Kenny Armstrong also took the SAT in the same room with me, I chatted with him for a while.. and the test begin.

It was NOT REALLY GOOD ! the problems seems so difficult, harder than the pre test, harder than i expected. I'm so scared. The time's limits too... I can't solve (even don't have a change to read) some problems, because the time is running out. I skipped some problems that I can't understand. I always praying, before, during and after the test, keep saying something like "God,you gave me ways, you opened doors for me, now I want ask you again to help me, to open this door,to give me ways. I know im not a superb, I know you can help me, I surrender to you. I will try to do it, and please God, you do the rest." and I hope he always help me. Thanks to God, I can bubbled all the problems that I can do. He gave me enough time, He gave me spirit, He gave me heart to say "this is  RIGHT or NOT", and He supported me, He makes me feel calm.

After the test is over, I met Mas Djamal (the SI's Hot Jaga, Mbak Navita's husband) and he asked about my condition, and he supported me too.. Im so glad, that God gave me peoples who really supported me, my friends in School, my family, my "brothers and sisters" and my foreign friends who don't live here. Do you know Danielle Amacher, the girl from Biola? She is so sweet, She always support me. I don't even have any photo with her when she visited my school, so sad. She said she have been prayed for me. Melanie, Julie, Kathy, mas Hoho, and Jo said that they are praying for me. That makes me feel really strong.

When I came back home, I cried. I feel so scared and disappointed by the time. and I chatted with my best friends,try to do some jokes, and sleep even though I don't feel any happy things in my heart, I just feel so sad and scared. until now, I still praying to God, I surrender to Him. I texted my sisters and my school mates about the SAT. I want to say Thank you for mas Yo who always help me about SAT, my GREATEST math tutor mbak Abbie, My American sisters Mel and Kathy who always support me and teach me English (Im sorry mbak Melanie, im not good at writing), Jo and the rest of great brothers and sisters, mas Peco too, and my best friends at school, my teachers, my dad's friends and of course MY FAMILY for material and non material support that they give to me.. and you all my friends, who don't really know me, but read my blog. thank you for your supports.

My Score will coming out in the next 3 weeks... I'll tell you later.

If we work, we work, if we pray God works

Cinta Carnelian

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