Wednesday, December 5, 2012

UPDATE : Rainy Season

Hmm.... It's true Rainy season In Indonesia / Salatiga...
Now it is around 27 C here... MmmMmmm... cold and everyone in here already know, if Salatiga getting colder, I can get Masuk Angin (catching a cold), and Kembung (intestinal gas?) for the whole week... :-(( and it hurts!!

I can feel my stomach get bigger, hurt, and airy, and than It will be so easy for  me to *sorry* farting... I hate that PART!!!
A lot of my friends getting sick too,my mbak Abbie,my sister, my brother, my teachers, my classmates, and my best friend who really love sport got sick too!! Almost EVERYONE GOT SICK!! 

But a lot of things that I love in this rainy day.. Relaxation, sleep, cozy foods, hot drinks, and love...
Through my hard days, i can feel the rain makes me feel comfortable in my room, wrapped my self with blanket while studying, reading, blogging, or anything. I can take a nap (I rarely do that in dry season), I can sleep better than yesterday. My mom make a lot of delicious foods for my family, hot soup, casserole, very tasty Javanese fried chicken, and many more. To warm my day, I can make hot cocoa instant drink, cereal drink, hot coffee, and a lot of warm and delicious drinks. and ..
LOVE (not love for me to a guy or something) but I can see how the Great GOD really helps me through all the stressing stuffs... Even though I know, my body isn't in a good condition (most of my friends know that im not healthy enough) but I NEVER getting sick because of seasons, I still healthy until now (but in fact, my stomach sometimes getting crazy), even though a lot of people with flu viruses lives around me.. God know that I shouldn't sick because I still have SAT (over), Last Term Examination in my School (until this friday) and The Rafting Adventure (with my friends) and Christmas thing (in my school) in this weekend and next week. Also I can see how God gave me a lot of beautiful friends and family around me, who keep supporting me in EVERYTHING, except for my dreams. Love from God, and people around me makes me strong enough to do anything... 

And I want to say thank you for God, because he is blessing me with wonderful thing, that I can't imagine before, and make my mind open wider than before..

Thank you for rain season, hot drinks, cozy foods, wonderful family and friends,also a full of blessed heart and good health...

Love you guys!

Cinta Carnelian

p.s but one thing that  i really HATE at rain season is FLYING TERMITE!!Which really love to get near with lamps after rain!
A bucket of flying termite after hard rain from my house's terrace YUCK!

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