Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wrong Decisions : Now what should I do?

I got Texts from my 2 US Whites friend,
about how they feel sorry hearing my dream to study in Calvin College end-up because of SAT.
And both of them said, that I should take ACT instead of SAT.

Oh my God, so I realize, that my failure is because I took the wrong test. SAT is famous as a really hard test and perfect for native English speaker. ACT is easier (even though it still hard). and you know, 1 section in SAT only 25 minutes, but in ACT it's 45-60 mins!!!!!!!! I HATE SAT !!!!

But it is the problem, SI (Mountainview Intr Christian School) only have the December ACT, and it's only on 8th of December. (God, What should I do???)
So, I'll end up my dream to go to Calvin next year.. (Im gonna miss Emily's wedding NO!!!!!!)

I told you before that I got $18.000 (175 juta) Scholarship in President University (an International University in Jakarta) per year for International Relations major. I don't know I want to go there or not. I only should pay $3400 (32,5 juta) per year for School and dorm. That's still a lot, but comparing to Calvin ($40,800 (400 juta) per year) it easiest for my family to pay. and I believe if God want me to go to that School, He will help me.

I have a dream to become International Negotiator, so I can help countries about liasoning stuffs...
But I also have a dream to be a baker (?? that's a secret, My hobby is baking, my future husband and kids will really proud of me, I can bake a lot of delicious cookies and cakes( just ask my friends and family, my cookies and christstollen are good)! also western food (I can't cook Indonesian foods except Nasi Goreng hahaha)) But Also I want to Serve God with my communication skills! And listened to my best friend's preaches in skype yesterday make me interesting in that.  so WHAT SHOULD I DO? I don't want to choose the wrong Decision again like SAT!
1. Go to President University (It's only 3 years n 4 months you know! so fast! also I got International Bachelor degree) after that maybe go to a place for 1-2yrs (only me and my best friend know it, im gonna go there to serve God, n I hope only 1 yr) and hopefully can go to Pepperdine to get Master of Dispute degree than become an International Negotiator.
2.Try to be flight attendants (i don't want to, it just my brother's idea) for 1-2 yrs, gain money, took ACT than go to Calvin College (wanna cry right now!, How I love that place)
3. Go to IHS or Laras Asri Resort Pastry school than become a pattisier (pastry chef) gain money, go to Calvin (or USC!!!! hahahaha)
4. Go to somewhere (that only me and my best friend know about it,I can't tell you,it is to serve God) for 1-2 yrs... 

Which one the best for me? My dad n brother said the 1st one is the best, Go to PU, the secret place, (only 5 yrs to do it, so I'll be 23 yrs old if I left the secret place) and go Pepperdine Univ (for 2 yrs, I'll be 25!) , than become a Negotiator (maybe?) and also a good baker for my family!!! So I'll be success in the age of 26+ hopefully...

Need your opinion please...
still love you so much!!!!!

Cinta Carnelian

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