Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 New Year Resolution (bilingual - 2 bahasa)

How are you guys it's been a while since the last post that i have...
Nothing change from me at least just i don't have any appetite to eat hahaha.. So it is so cold here in Salatiga, and rainy... but it is rather OK :D

 English :

Let's Go to the POINT, 2014 Resolution!

1. Be more FAITHFUL in GOD (you know it is my weakness)
2. Helping my father more (even though he didn't ask)
3. Pray for peeps that i love more
4. Become more diligent college student  
5. Can spend more time with my old communities (at least balance it w/ my college life routines)
6. Become a more professional Language Tutor 
7. Become a more professional Journalist
8. Love everyone more genuine, even though they treat me like rubbish
9. Let all bad experience in past go, forget it, just surrender it to God.
10. Make a new life. 100% new.
11. More open to people even though it is going to hurt me more.
12. Be more tough and not sensitive if it needed.
13. More open to my sister.
14. Hopefully a new Android Cellphone...
15. Be more in shape haha
16. Maintain my FASHION BLOG again ;)

Bahasa Indonesia :

Resolusi 2014 :
1. Lebih beriman dan percayakan segala sesuatu kepada Tuhan
2. Bisa bantu bapak lebih banyak
3. Lebih mendoakan semua orang yang aku sayangi dan cintai (keluarga, temen main, temen organisasi, temen kampus, mas-mas, mbak-mbak 2011, temen-temen deket 2013)
4. Jadi mahasiswa yang LEBIH rajin (nah loe...)
5. Menyeimbangkan waktu untuk berkumpul sama komunitas lama (komunitas murid2ku, organisasi di mana aku kerja, SOLAFIDE, PA)
6. Jdi guru yang lebih profesional dan nggak gampang capek
7. Jadi jurnalis yang profesional (mungkin aku mau minta 1 periode magang lagi di SA, merasa belum begitu pro utk jadi pure anggota)
8. Tetap mencitai orang2 dengan tulus, walau (seumpama ya amit2, mereka memperlakukanku seperti sampah. spt bbrp org yg g ush d sebutkan namanya ;) )
9. Melepaskan segala masa lalu, terutama yang buruk. Menyerahkan segala kepedihan, luka kepada Tuhan. Belajar memaafkan dan melepaskan semua kesesakan.
10. Hidup 100% baru.. perpaduan antara aku SMA dan aku kuliah, tapi beda, terbuka tapi keras
11. Lebih terbuka dengan orang, dengan resiko lebih disakiti
12. Lebih sensitif dan keras saat diperlukan
13. yang ini tidak akan saya terjemahkan hahaha
14. Semoga tabungan cukup beli HP android baruuu Samsung atau Sony lah ;)
15. Maskulinnya di kurangi dikit, terus lebih peka dan TETAP berpegang pd anti PHP
16. Lebih kurusan lah ;)
17. Menghidupkaan kembali fashion blogku

I think those are enough for now ;)
What is your resolution?

Cinta Carnelian


Friday, December 6, 2013

Feel Loved

Who remember here how I feel insecure in the first time i get into my university?
i feel really loved recently...
by people that i think i won't get any love from them...

I remember how i had a pretty bad week. Gaby was with me for a whole week. I always out, and hang out anywhere randomly. then I pray to God, in church with Pita stay behind me. I pray for that guy who i am not really sure if i like him or just adore.... Then God makes it clear if i am not falling in love or anything with him.

I remember how amazingly Mas Yogi gave me very useful advises about those things, then how mas Adhi Wardoyo told me about many stuffs that also open my eyes and my mind too. and I remember that day, in a day that i need someone or whoever beside me because i am down (my girl BFFs were still there) i texted mas Agung and I told mas Adhi W and mas Yogi, and all of them just say yes. mas Agung went to mas Yogi's flat; Gaby, mas Kadir, mas Adhi W and I went to mas Yogi's flat together; but on the way there I saw some guys from 2011 Communication especially from the Kroco group (well some are from other groups too, and it was minus duo R) are riding their bike then when I arrived in mas Yogi's flat, there were about 13 guys there. I saw mas Agung and hugged him like always and asked why there were tons of guys there. mas Agung smile and said "you wanna hang out right?" then Ko Yosse shout "who is the one who got an idea to hang out tonight?" and everyone point at me. than he shout "Oh girl, no sadness tonight, let's go and make you happy!"

and we go, i kind of love that night. everyone shared funny stories and i feel like any brothers's little sister again. we went to a night cafe, sit on mat, eat cheap and good food. the point isn't where we hang out, but our togetherness. how they try to make me forget my pain and another. and after that night we hang out again the day after that only with mas-mas from Kroco and ka Ge and ka Amel also Dorkas and Thomas. we ate in the NC again and talk funny stuffs. and in that whole bad week i was only with them and they always able to make me feel happy and alive.

Then i know, who are the ones who love me purely and who are the one who fakes. if you asked me now, if God ask me to list 10 people to be saved from the dooms day, i am going to say My dad, my brother Ariel, mom, sister, mas Agung, mas Yogi, mas Adhi W, Pita, Thea and Alex Pinnington. and if my dad n mom refuse to join i wanna add ko Jaya and mas Kadir or mas Adi G. I have so much love for them.

also on my birthday, i invited 20ish people. and all of mas-mas kroco (now include Robby and Ridwan) were there plus mas Aptasena (gosh idk where is his position) because he was my senior in HS and he always shares his painful love stories to me (well i told him if that girl just playing around and fooling him but he didn't want to listen, then she dumped him like a trash) and i can say it was the best birthday i ever had. no gift, but their appearances are the gift for me. mas Yogi was sick that day and he came. oh God, i love these people badly.

another love that i always get from are for sure with my college inner best friends like Gaby, Thea, Nanda, Nini, Tiara, Alex and Calvin also Moris, Ivan, Thunder, and Thomas. they are always there for me at noon (usually mas-mas part is at evening-night). Alexander Pinnington (he is my distance ear, haha if i got a very bad day the first guy that i contact is always him, and we always text each other few times in a month and always mostly in the right time when i need him) and the most wow thing is he always remember me.. he is totally an awesome friend! and the Gilleys, Kayla and Craig they are always there for me... This couple is the best couple EVER!

This is Christmas, and this is a season for love..
for those people who I love and love me, Thank you very much for everything. I always pray for you. I love you with all my heart.
p.s for mas Agung : maintain your diet and rest more, you are sick now.. hati-hati
ps. maaf mensionnya pake nama aja kadang-kadang.. biar gampang wkt nulis
if you wanna know the list of my heroes:
Family : My dad, mom, brother, sister and my dog
Old best friends : Wati and Pita (since Elementary School), Karin since HS
2013 best friends : Gaby, Thea, Nanda, Nini, Tiara, Alex, Calvin, Ivan, Moris,Eddo and Thomas, Arya (add Dorkas here even though he isn't FISKOM)
Mas-mas kroco : Agung, Yogi, Adhi W, Adi G, Kadir, Jaya
mas-mas outside kroco : Yosse, Aptasena
mbak-mbak kroco : Tasya, Ge, Amel
Others : Alexander Pinnington, Kayla and Craig G.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kindness and Care

I do believe if I am living in a wonderful societies... At home, i have a community that most time are exist for me. At school I have some communities that different each others but helping me much about a lot of things. In the other place I have several communities that support me much too..
It makes me have some kind of personality.. but the introduction will be the genetics first.
My mom : She can not express her kindness or love or care especially to people who she really  loves like her children etc.
My dad : Too much love and care for everyone, until a lot of people fooled him
Me : combination of them. I can be super loyal to my friends, especially the close ones.. but I can be very careful with other friend, but for people that I love, usually hard for me to show them... but when my care mode on, I can keep showing them until some sort of point then stop...

But now, after those storm that happen to me in the early of this year, i am more like my mom now. I can't totally show the one that I really care about if I care about him. But i keep trying to be nice with all people around us. So it makes him not look so special. But with my friends? don't ask me... My loyalty is as big as the earth, I remember I jump from bad with still half awake brain just to go to my best friends's house to see what happen with her. Or I will buy few stuffs for other  best friends because they need it. But I start to show Sunshine of my heart if he is more than other best friends.

But the point here : Sometime i think the kindness and care from me or my dad or my brother to other people is nonsense. Sometime i think, I always try to always care and ready to help any of those people that I really care. But only a few of them really exist for me if I need them. FYI : I still feel that alone like what I ever felt few months ago. NO ONE REALLY THERE.
My mom usually tell me "If you are too kind to others, they will just use you and throw you away."
but I believe : "I will keep showing them, or him, or her, how much i love them/he/her how much they meant to me.. even though they never do that to me. It takes the right person to see it right? at least i am genuine.."

I just want to tell you, if you are the kind like me or facing struggles like me, just please do not freeze your heart like i did. Keep spreading your care and kindness... People will see it someday, People will be there for you one day.
Just see it..

About me? how it gonna be? Let see it... i'm facing two options now, to go back to become the cold one, or change to become softer with a chance to be broken again.

Pray for me,

Cinta Carnelian

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Freshman in College : Orientation Week

Sorry for not writing about anything for weeks. Im just so tired and super busy with my days as a freshman in College in Satya Wacana Christian University. I'm taking International Relations.
But the story that Im gonna give you now is about the orientation week that start on the 26th of August. And for the whole orientation week we only allowed to wear white top (button down or polo) and dark bottom (i usually just wear black and dark blue jeans) and we should wear the orientation tote bag that looked super ridiculous on boys.

So, I was in the Group 6 of Social, Politics and Communication Department. Group 6 was the last group of this Department (we call it Fiskom). I didn't know ANYONE in that group. All of my ex High School mate who join Fiskom are gathered in the same group (accidentally). After that I knew that one of my MALE ex classmate at the 10th grade was there. so, I only have Ivan to talk with. Im so skeptical and afraid. I heard if it is better to not being a good friend with anyone in college. because all of them are fake and bla bla bla... so i just didn't want to know anyone.. Im just so freak out if i found someone who ask more about my personality life. and I just knew 1 person at the first day, Lusia (do not ask me about her now, she just never appear in our activities, we don't know where she is).
On the first day with Pita my best friend since Elementary School

Dita and Ita my good friends in High School 
(Pita and both of them are in the same orientation team)

The Second day, i start t know more of the girls like Feby, Baby, Gaby (man it was so confusing) Nanda and Yosafat but I didn't talk too much to them. Not a great day again. But the fun is, our group's mentor is a guy (the only male of the other mentor) and he isn't tough at all!

On the third day, everything getting better, my walls start to fall down, we made a girl groupies with me, Gaby, Thea, Nanda, Nini (from group 4), Arin, n sometimes with Helen, Tiara and Ayu too. we just like crazy girls grouping together, full of jokes full of smile. And I just like them that much. They are super AWESOME!

with Nini, she was in the Group 2 but she always hanging out with my group

With Arin :)

On the fourth day, i know more boys like Morison, Calvin, Jenli (ahem hahahaha sweetheart for all girls), and some other boys, and the girls told me if im the Crazy Mama. But the thing that i wanna say, the other boys were proud and arogant, especially the boys who came from Jakarta. i knew them grouping with the leader (i think) is a very tall unknown guy. Every time we see him we just wanna slap his face really bad, and they were just super annoying.

What else did i do?
Sign up for classes! yes! and I take Sociology, Introduction to International Law, Introduction to International Politics, Introduction to International Relations, Introduction to International Economics, Anthropology, and English.

I am rather amazed and shocked when I saw my International Relations's mates for the first time, we are so colorful, there are a lot of Papuan (black), Javanese (Light Tan), Manadonese (white), Malukuan (Some white some dark tan), and Korean (Yellow). What a great diversity that we have! So it is a true International Relations, we learn to live and study with people from different cultures.

On the last day, we have some fun sessions in the morning - noon, and an Inaguration party at night. And I already making great friend with Gaby, we just almost like twin. And i make friends with the entire of those peeps of the Group 6. So the Arrogant group was included Peter (the super tall guy) his best friend Eddo, Alex, and they love to bully Thunder. And Peter cs always made noise, they were so annoying. They always tease me, and bully me with called my name and make song of it. maaan.. I wanted to kick them out of my life. (See it here, i use past tense, it means they are no longer annoying)


Summer almost fall
College will still makes us together even though we are in different major
With Karin and Vey, My High School BFF

On the inauguration night, Peter cs start to become calmer. but the girls feel so annoyed by them. Because we still should work with them for the next week. For the Orientation things we divided into 4 big groups. Drum black, Costume (both for carnival), Trash can or go clean team, and Go green or the planting tree team. Our group is the trash can team. so we should meet for 2 weeks to make trash can and cleaning the river in our town. So we should facing those guys for more weeks.

And what kind of thing happen in the party?? for sure a huge stage, music, dance and photos taking and laugh. everyone were so happy until night about 8 (actually the party should be ended at 10 but one of the vice rector was got angry because a simple thing, so he just unplugged everything). And we allowed to wore our University jacket, and we are officially a student of SWCU!

But after that everything changed. After the trash can meetings for weeks (Im gonna post it in another day) our group become the most solid group from all groups in the Orientation. The most clicked (even though some of us the silent not really click with the noisy) but we are so solid (most of us) and we make smaller groups inside. And Gaby, Thea, Nanda, and I are in a one small group with....(guess what?) Peter cs. Go ahead to ask me how we can be friend or best friend. I will tell you later. But they just some of the best guys i ever met in my life. They help me much, and publicly i wanna say sorry for all bad expectations that we (the girls) had about them. They are truly super great friends.
Before the Party

Arin and I, and we officially a College Student!

Inauguration speech and formal stuffs

The Light still on - With Yossafat and Thunder

With Our Mentor - Ilafi (he was fun, now he is irritating us)

Party ON! - The boys of our group minus Calvin n Jenli.
L-R : Peter, Alex, Moris, Eddo, Yossafat, Ivan, Thunder

I think this is the 1st point we become friend
L-R : Peter, Me, Moris, Thunder, Yosafat, Calvin
Front : Eddo and Ivan

One of the fireworks to end up the party

I think I enjoyed my college life more than High School...
How's your life??

Cinta Carnelian

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

ALERT!! : Fall/Autumn 2013 Fashion Trends and Inspirational

Hello everyone, sorry for my hiatus for a week. I am so  busy preparing my University Freshman Orientation!! I am officially an University student now. I'm taking International Relations, and I am so happy about that (I love politics, society issues and building relationship so much). And Fall is coming really soon. These are some Fashion inspirational picture for you that I took from google, tumblr and pinterest also The most popular one for this fall is the punk slash grunge styles, also the 50's. I don't really into the punk but I totally in love with the 50's and Scotland's tartan. Prepare for you Fall 2013 Fashion trends and get some 50's cut and candy colored coats!



The Fifties



Graphic Details



Have you getting ready to enjoying autumn??
Have a good day!
Love you,

Cinta Carnelian