Friday, January 11, 2013

1st week of School : Sleep

Hey! After almost 3 weeks of Christmas and New Year holiday a.ka Winter Vacation Im back to School!!!

THE EXCITING part is :
I'll meet my friends, I'll have a lot of schedule again, and hopefully I will lost some weight!!!!

THE BAD part is :
Should I study again? I am sick of it!!!!!

But the 1st day,I didn't sleep or tired at all!!! That was a really fun day, chatting,laughing, gossiping with my good classmates especially with my partner in class, Karin! We were talking about guys that we like, our friends condition, even silly thing like Imagining a Mas Bakso (Meatball seller) with abs and sexy sweat (?! WHAT?! don't ask me, I didn't even realize how gross it is!!) and all the member of 12 Language Class are so happy because a lot of teachers that day are so kind, they gave us free time!

Thats me and Karin.. Oh my my hair that day was so oily!

But.. BUT.. with big B.U.T

the second day FINALLY :-) Karin and I were slept IN 2class.. in INDONESIAN class and BIBLE class..
What a good student am I ? Love to sleep in Indonesian, Bible, Computer, Art, and History class (sometimes English class too..) I feel Bad... But Thanks God, I still got good grades...

Karin sleeping

Oh my.. That's me! who took this pict!!

My head and Karin's hand while we were fallen asleep

But We had great lunch time of course with mu lunch mates : Karin,Yosep and Archi !!
Good friends good food! Wonderful! (they also are great friends to killing waiting time)

That's Yosep with his lunch

Enjoy Your food Archi!

Im a cool student right? 
Love you!

Cinta Carnelian

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