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Great Memories: Keeping up with the Kreigers!!

Before you read it,  I wanna to tell you, some of these pictures are not belong to me, they are from Kate's FB, and some others are from my own camera.. And sorry with my average English.

We were in front of a popular statue in Pancasila (the town square) before dinner

We prayed about Kate's family who would come here since December... and Thanks God, they made it!!
The Kreigers visited Kate started from January 11th (i guess, i forgot actually) until January 24th. And FYI, my brother ( Mas Ari) and I really like them!!! they are ABSOLUTELY one of the Coolest and Awesome family that we ever met! They are incredibly amazing,funny and wonderful...

The Kreigers in Borobudur temple

the first time met them is on the 12th, and they brought TONS of traveling bags! Oh my, 5 people (Mr. Kreiger, Mrs. Kreiger, Joanna, Will and Lily) with more than 8 big traveling bags I think... and some backpacks too.. They looks like moving to Indonesia with those a lot of bags.. HAHA.. but that's not the point.. They are all so TALL... great genes.. Tall, beautiful and handsome, absolutely a very great American family just like, An American Reality Show's family (That's why I wrote the title, Keepin' up with the Kreigers not the Kardashians) ! But unfortunately, one of the Kreigers sibling, her name is Beth, she's not able to come to visit Kate, because she's pregnant.. I want to introduce them with you.

Mr. Kreiger with their traveling bags!! That's a lot guys!

Mr. Kreiger is really cute. His smile is adorable... like a shining sunshine through a dark woods (what ?? you don't get it? ok, me too) I mean, his smile is so kind and nice.

Joanna, Mrs. Kreigers and I in the Telephone Pictionary night

Mrs. Kreigers is so beautiful and so kiiinndd and niiiiiceeee... She's absolutely a smart and wonderful mother, I can't tell you how great she is, She could know what happen with me even though we know each other only in two weeks..

Joanna is so pretty and warm and sweet, just like Kate. She love joking and smiling. I like to be near her, I hope everything gonna be great for her in Africa,(Joanna, if you read it, please give me some your picture with girrafe) Im gonna miss you mbak Joanna...

Found in Kate's FB : Lily (She's so pretty) and Will

Now is Will's turn, he is 19th so he just 1 year older than me, I thought he just a nice guy, but He is so funny, so nice and hilarious.. he always laughing and that's so funny, he also a super nice guy just like his sisters.. and He just act like my friends not too mature like 25ish years old, but mature enough and really fun too, just like teenager! If he went to my school, I think we can be a really good friend, just like me with Randy and Archi. also He taught me about an cool American style shaking hand, and that was so cool and simple tho. I hope all the stuffs that he do now will be a great benefit for him in the future..

and the youngest there is Lily! she only 8 i guess, but she is super tall almost like me, maybe she's about my ear now, and she's so cute and pretty. She loves rain,she loves horses,she loves ancient Egypt, and I  really like her! I hope,I can see her when she is the teenage year,I bet, she will be a very beautiful and smart girl!

Joanna, Will and Kate in Borobudur

Love this photo so much! Kate and Lily (both of these photos are from Kate's FB)

On Monday the Kreigers invited mas Ari and I to have dinner with them. We were planning to go to Super Sambal on Tuesday, but Kate had women meeting on Tuesday so we changed it on Monday in Pak Malur's Warung in the Town Square (Pancasila). We ate delish food there,Joanna and I ate fried duck, Mrs. Kreiger,Lily and mas Ari ate fried chicken, Will and Mr. Kreiger ate fried cat fish and spicy squid. Kate ate Fried Duck or Chicken too I guess and Tempe penyet (soybean cake? ) with hot chilly souce on it. If you go to Salatiga, just eat in this place.. they have one of the best Sambal (spicy chili souce) in Salatiga,and they fried duck is my favorite fried duck ever. We chatted a lot during the dinner, and almost can't stop laughing because they are so nice and funny.

We hit the Pak Malur's

Chicken, Duck, Catfish 

The Lele goreng and nasi gurih (Fried Cat fish and Coconut milk rice) Yummy!

My favorite all the time in Pak Malur, Bebek Goreng and nasi gurih (Fried duck and coconut milk rice) can you feel the yumminess of the Sambal (Chili souce)?

Cumi masak pedas (Squid in Spicy souce)

Joanna trying the squids (look! Lily already fall asleep back there)

Joanna and I

Mr. Kreiger, Kate and Mas Ari

Will trying the squid (why everyone looks so weird while they trying the squid?)

Mr. Kreiger showing us the Cat fish's head

Mrs. Kreiger trying the squids

After dinner, Mrs. Kreiger invited us to play Telephone pictionary in Kate's house. And that night is the best night in this January. We had so much fun, and we had great belly laughs.. I love that family!!

Kate, Will and Joanna

Mrs. Kreiger, Mas Ari and Mr. Kreiger

Mr. Kreiger and I ( Look at his smile, so sweet isn't it)

My favorite girl! Mbak Cantik Kathryn! (a.ka Kate, don't get confused) She's so pretty, and let's se my duck and dorky face

Horror face of me and Will (Every body, scream!) Actually we took this photo 4 times, 
and 3 of them are failed cz Will always laughing.. 

In the weekend we hiked Mount Andong with Aan, Seth, Jessica, Dunja, Pak Sid and another Bapak again.. We all are tired, and I don't like hiking AT ALL... especially the return part, because we should passed steep and slippery down hill trail. I just don't like that part... the other part is awesome! Thanks for mbak Kate, mas Ari, kak Jess and Will who walked near to me, so If I need their help, they able to help me. After hiked Andong, the Kreigers with the other went to Warung Gunung restaurant ,and waterfall but mas Ari and I aren't join them, because we should catch The Enns before they go to Semarang. In the night, my brother picked Will up, and they went to our big group favorite coffee shop in Salatiga, Frame Coffee shop. They hanged out with Seth, Cody and the Norwegian new guy I think his name is Daniel (Jonathan's best friend). I asked Will about the coffee there, he said he drank Bali coffee with cream and sugar in it (?),and he said it was good. I can guaranteed his opinion about coffee because he's working in Starbucks (Im so jealous with him) ..

From my brother's bike

That's the Mount Andong (Gunung Andong)

Kate and Dunja hiked the mountain with flip flops!

Seth and Aan

From the mountain, so pretty

Pine trees

Kate and Jess resting..

Field on the mountain's foot

So green

The road where we started to walk

Joanna and Lily, I really love this picture

Seth and pak Sid (the Mr. mountain :-P)

Seth, Dunja and Aan

They all look so happy (Mas Ariel, you look so black in this photo hehe)

Look at that farmer's head! He brought a lot of grass for his cows and goats

Kate and I, Go Calvin College!

On the top of the mountain,beautiful..

Finally our photo : Lily and I!

On Tuesday we had Bible Study in Kate house with their family too, and ate some candy and sweet stuffs that they brought from the States. I brought some present for Joanna, Kate, Will and Lily too. An owl bracelet (looks the same with my owl bracelet),an owl necklace they are for Kate or Joanna, a pearl hair accessories for the pretty Lily and a Sea Dugong bone necklace for Will.

Mr. And Mrs. Kreiger while they attending the Bible Study at Kate's house

And on 24th, they went back to the States. I went to Kate's house to say goodbye for them, and my brother helped them too put their traveling bags into the car. I got very warm hugs from all of the family members. Mrs. Kreiger also talked with me and pray with me because of my frustration. I got a really warm and big hug from Mr. Kreiger. And two wonderful hugs from Lily, a sweet hug from Joanna, and a friendly hug from Will, he taught me the cool handshake here,it's way more simple than the cool Indonesian hand shake that I usually did with mas Jeremy. Now I know,why Kate is so sweet and warm, because her family is lovely and warm. I cried for awhile when their car left Kate's house, I will remember them forever, and If I can go to the States, for sure I'll visit them,and bring a lot of present for them! Thank you the Kreigers! We love you all so much!

Failed goodbye photo with my new friend for 2 weeks, Will (I took this photo before they left and He is so tall, I should tip toeing to took this!)

Thanks for the oleh - oleh (I ordered some make up from the States, and the Kreigers brought them here)!!

Thank you for Facebook, cz I still can keep in touch with them through Facebook :-D

I won't forget them... I told you, I always love my friends..

Cinta Carnelian

I thanked God,because he let me know them even though just for 2 weeks,they are very nice. And their visit in these hard and frustration days for me is really great. I can forget my sorrow, I got Mrs. Kreiger who can listen to me, and I got warm hugs from that family. Warm hug that I really need right now. I really love them! 

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