Friday, January 18, 2013

We are reunite again!!!: with Dun Ja

After about 3 months my friend Dun Ja bcak to Germany for her brother wedding, she's back on the 7th of January!

And we all are feel so happy here, because one by one our friends come back from their winter or Christmas vacation. Dunja looks skinnier and prettier. Her skin is so absolutely amazing after she's back from German. So clean, and dewy! I adore her skin so much!

Dunja and I. really love Dunja's skin!

Last Saturday me, my brother, Julie, Dunja and Sarah (the new girl in town and Dunja and Julie's new roomate) wanted to eat in Super Sambal (SS). so me and mas Ari went to SS at 6. we arrived there early, Dunja, Julie and Sarah came late. BUT, SS was so crowded that day! like tons of people gathered there together to have dinner. so we decided to move to Dapur Ndeso.

SS in that Busy day

In Dapur Ndeso we ate Indonesian food there. I thought foods there are really delicious! because my brother told me like that (He went with Melanie and Emily one day, and they love the fried and grilled chicken there! they ate them until nothing left on their plates) But not with Dunja,Julie and Sarah. They ordered Fried Chickens and grilled chickens but the chicken is really hard, they just can eat little bit from those chickens.. So we called those chickens with muscular chickens! 

Dunja and Julie! Love them so MUCH!

After that we went to Dunja, Julie and Sarah's house and played German card there, the theme of that card game is Zoo. the picture is so funny and beautiful!!!! The game is good but it has many rule! But I looove it! so exciting, but hard to do too...

Also Dunja bring some German Chocolates as oleh-oleh (small gifts brought home by travelers) for us from Germany!! YAAAAY!! You know, German and Switzerland's chocolates are the best chocolate in the world!! I got Milka Hazelnut, and mas ariel got Milka Lufre. I have eat the hazelnut one, and it taste like HEAVEN! Thank you Dunja!!

Watch out guys!! She's BACK! 

Glad if our friends back! So we won't miss them anymore...

Do you love your friends like i do?
I love you all!

Cinta Carnelian

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