Wednesday, January 23, 2013

With Classmates : 50 tofus and 2 bottles of drink for 8 person !

Hey guys, this just happen recently, about me and some of my classmates...  On the January 17th at school, My Mandarin Group (consist of Agatha, Karin and I) worked for our Mandarin Paper. But not only us, Archie's group (Anton and Yosep are there) and also Nimfa and Bella (they came from Sisca's group) were there too..

we worked our project in our school's cafeteria

Because that day was almost weekend, and we were did that project at school (means we don't have properly foods) And most of us were running out of money, so Archie suggest us to contributed some of our money to buy gorengan (fried snacks like fried tofu, fried vegetable snacks, fried tempe, etc) And we got IDR. 25.000 ($2.6) in our hand to buy those fatty snacks. After that, Archi and I went together to find gorengan. but finally we only buy Crispy Fried Tofu (each one of the Crispy Tofu only IDR 500 or ¢5 [that's 5 cent right?]) So we bought 50 Fried Tofu only for 8 people! When we arrived to the Crispy Tofu's Store We got a fun conversation between me and the tofu's seller.
Me : Mas, I want to buy Tofus IDR 25.000.
Mas Tahu (Tofu seller) : (With super shocking eye!) What mbak?! All of the IDR 25.000 ?
Me : Yeah sure.
Mas Tahu : Okay then.. Oh my... wait for a minute we still fried it!

Archi's brother bike

Archie with helmet on while he drove motorcycle

Archi laughed, maybe the Mas Tahu thought that just me and Archi who want to eat those tofu! After waiting for about 10 minutes we got our tofus, and Mas Tahu packed them in 2 medium sized plastic bag!! Those tofus are really A LOT and we got a lot of Green Chili for the Tofu's side dish. After that we back to school and everyones are happy because we brought a lot of food...

The Crispy fried Tofu

After ate tons of crispy deep fried tofu, me and my friends felt so thirsty. But most of us doesn't have enough money at all because we use our money to buy a lot of snacks in the afternoon and we felt thirsty in almost evening. So, Karin and Agatha were collect IDR 3,000 (30 cent) to buy 2 bottles of Ades Mineral water! And I was the one who bought that froma drugstore near our school. And we got those waters. Only 2 bottles for 6 thirsty students (3 guys,3 girls, FYI Nimfa and Bella were not there anymore).

our 30 cent

this is the mineral water

Even though we sounded like poor students ( we are not. Just because this was happen on Thursday evening, so we almost running out of our pocket money) but we enjoyed this! Friendship, fatty food, and little amount of money can make our life better... Thank you God for showing me this kind of cute experiments about how to share something together, and make everyone happy with that.

we did our project with this Chinese typewriter program

from L-R Anton wore brown shirt, Yosep wore blueish grey shirt, and Archi wore his dark orange jacket

Bella and Nimfa while they're still there

The Boy's group

My Agatha and Karin(Standing)

And that's me!

I love my classmates, love to share anything with them!

Cinta Carnelian

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