Friday, February 1, 2013

TBT Actually Friday : "Soccer" P.E Class with 12th Language Class

Heeey Everyone, it's been almost a week I didn't write anything.. How are you all,
Yesterday I really want to write a Throw Back Thursday, but because I was too tired, I post it today, on FRIDAY!!

Me with the soccer ball

Yesterday I had P.E class in the town square (sometimes we practice soccer there) FYI : I was a good soccer player when I was in Elementary School and Middle School, but my ankle getting weaker, and weaker and my allergy to sunshine getting worst on Middle School, so I stopped since in High School! And im enjoying become a girly girl... hahahahaha...

We also had Soccer Lesson on September, We learnt Inside of the foot steps, Dribbling, chip cross, shooting and etc. But you know right, if my 12th grades Language class only consist of 4 boys over 27 girls, it means after we done the lesson, we have fun time! and like usual.. I took pictures!

Anton he is great at soccer


watch hour Hair Ita

Karin and I love mr. Yellow ball so much!

Novi and Karin posing in the field 

Mr. ANDI MURMANA our PE class teacher

Mr. AGUS he is our PE teacher too

Left-right : Me, Novie, Karin, Vena, Deby y'know, girls

Some of my girl friends posing in our way to go back to school

My guy best friends in Class : Yosep, Anton and Archi (oh my, look at their poses)

Seto the tetua "elder" in our class

Can you see it, how fun is our PE class ? (I mean the funniest thing is only the taking picture time for me) There're a lot of reasons why I really love my classmates!!!

Can you see it?

Cinta Carnelian

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