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Women crush / heroine : Abbie

Courtesy from Abbie's Facebook (sorry mas Yo n Peco, I cropped you guys)
Abbie Proud is her name...
I know her since 2008, when she was a new girl in town, and I was a mid-schooler that really like to hang out in Tiff and Mellisa's house with my brother, mas Yo and mas Aswan.
and I NEVER EVER talked to her. because of :
1. her face almost never smile
2. she COULDN'T speak Indonesian (n in that time I was a english passive learner)
3. she looked not friendly
4. She is a MATH teacher
The first conversation that we had are:

Abbie : Are you a student?
Me : Yes. Middle School student, 8th grade.
Abbie : Can you speak English?
Me : Yes a little bit. can you speak Indonesian?
Abbie : No. (than I ran away from her. Epic right??)
After that I don't remember anything about her (?? whut) but the point is, I was AFRAID to talk with her.

in 2011 (I guess, maybe) we became friend, but not close, but at least I still can talk to her...
in 2012 (yeah this one is true) we are getting closer, i start to tell her my stories like which one i should get a new laptop or money in bank, or math, or concert, etc. I told her about everything, about my friends, my family, my love, the fact that I was a mental abuse victim and no one stand behind me, makes me forced my self to stand up alone,  etc... I heard about her story too, her life, love, college time, home schooling time, etc.

She was the one who taught me mathematics for SAT, every week I went to her house, studying with her. and my math score in SAT was very good!
She also knew about The Guy In My Heart, but Melanie knows about it first, but after that I told Abbie too. And about the detail story from the beginning 'till now Abbie still know.
 I also love her card for my birthday too it says,
Happy 18th BIRTHDAY !"
Im so blessed to know you and so thankful that God brought you into my life to be my "little sister" and my friend. :)
Love you XOXO Abbie

Melanie, Me, and Abbie on My Birthday

In 2013 I felt if I didn't see her for 2 or 3 weeks, my life going to be weird... It is so fun to talk with her, in her house... (especially in rain season) I always see her at least once a week or once in two weeks (maximum!)

What are things that I like if playing in her house?
1. HER (for sure)
2. quietness in her house 
3. she is an adult, she talks like adult.
4. warmness
5. her sofa.

Last week in my school we should take picture for senior year photo book. And every classes divided into 5 - 6 groups. My group consists with Karin, Archi, Anton, Yosep. and most of the group in my class didn't want to hire a photographer, only ask family or friends who are good at photography (b/c photographer is so expensive) so my brother wanted to ask Abbie to borrow her SLR camera. Abbie wanted to lend it to us, but she also said, if you don't mind, I can be your photographer... of course YES! Abbie is a good photographer! and for free... OH MY GOD, I love HER MORE!!

Our group official senior year photo, for graduation photo book

Also this week, I wanted to be lead singer in SF (our english christian fellowship group), but I was so shy. And Abbie was the one who will play guitar, than she asked me to be the Worship Leader, for sure YES, YAY !! we picked songs, practicing, etc! she's so cool while praying guitar. and next week she will teach me Mathematic for National Examination... yaaay!! I Love her being my sister!

while we practicing for Sola Fide

Sometimes i pray like this,
"Dear God, Thank you for giving me Abbie to be my "sister" she is AWESOME! and she also get an AWESOME fiance, mas Aswan.. one of my favorite "brother" too!! they are great, LORD... etc..etc, God thank you for Abbie's family who raised a great daughter, and sister like her.. etc etc"

Aswan n Abbie <3

Sometimes i think, if I was a man, i will ask Abbie to marry me... because (these are the list why i like her):
1. because she is Abbie
2. She is a very good, kind, and awesome girl!
3. She loves GOD
4. She gives me many good advises n good examples
5. She is Beautiful!
7. She CAN PLAY guitar really GOOD ( If I was a man, I definitely will marry a girl who can play guitar)
8. She has long legs
9. She is smart but not nerdy
10. She is MATURE
11. She is a HIGH SCHOOL teacher, it means she can understand girls at my age.
12. She is Awesome (I can't write more.. too LONG and too silly) 

and she doesn't think that Monkey is funny, (for me, no funny mammals, mammals is lovable, to love not to watch) But for her, monkey enemy.. haha.. that's okay!
also now I am an active english speaker (can I say that? English is my 2nd language), n she can speak Indonesian, it makes me more comfortable to talk with her...

Ahhh.... I don't know... she just like an example of perfect woman in my life who is not my real family.. But she is my "sister" though..
I love her so much.. I don't know how to pay her kindness to me... She's too brilliant!

Here some additional photos:

when we were at Arrowhead

Abbie and I in Val's farewell party. love this photo..

"She is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with her.
Proverbs 3: 15

Do you know her,friends? do you like her too? or
who is your woman heroine who isn't your real family?
Love you guys,

Cinta Carnelian

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