Sunday, April 28, 2013

UPDATE : These weeks and Fun things

Hey guys.. sorry to not updated you with ANYTHING... 
and thank you for still reading my blog, it's like growing n growing everyday... 
I already in school holidaaay now... n don't get any pocket money at all now..........

but now it means i CAN write on my blog twice every week (or more)!!!!!! I think it will be every Thursday/Wednesday and Friday/Saturday :D
The Thursday/Friday is about Art and Fashion posts (my dedication of these thing is so BIG)
And the weekend one is will be about my life n my friends, family or places that you should visit.

What did i do these days:
- A lot of my basic beauty stuffs are empty, so i re-buy them (Moisturizer, Night Cream, Soap, Body Lotion).
- Bought new stuffs (Nivea Cleanser n Toner they are wonderful, and Maybelline Mascara)
- went to Solo (n get a great heels ;) )
- my laptop is getting cleaned, because it was very dirty n getting hot so fast.. so i can't do anything for three days..
- Reading Bible
- Learning editing my pictures (how giving blur that looks like SLR's blur, and colorizing)
- Writing articles (not for this blog, but for a publisher)
- Learning French (YES)
- Preparing my Fashion Posts
- Watching movies (The Help, P.S I Love You, Letter to Juliet (those movies makes me cry))
- Watching my favorite Series all the TIME for sure it is Game of Thrones
- Start to reading The Song of Ice and Fire series, I'm still reading A Game of Thrones and it is beautiful.... and in English... sometimes confused me.. 
- And start dieting again.. (but i love macaroons or macarons and popsicle in this spring time)

and FYI, in Indonesia, the dry season start to come... n my skin feels so dry lately, i don't like cream and moisturizer, but now i forced myself to use them.. booo...

And I will apply to a Christian big University here.. i hope in this week I will apply...

But now i wanna go to WHITE SAND BEACHES!! Anyone want to take me???

Please take me.. hahaha..
what did you do these days? Love you! Happy Spring!

Cinta Carnelian

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Inspiration: Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (Valerie a týden divů)

Valerie and Her Week of Wonders is a Czech movie that released on 1970,directing by Jaromil Jires. I saw this movie last week, twice! and it is so beautiful, it is beyond your imagination... It is a surrealist movie in Czech new-wave era. The movie was made from a novel in the same title from Vitezlav Nezval. I read the novel recently, it's less surrealist than the movie. I ever read somewhere, that it was inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The story is about a 13 years old girl (in novel she should be 17) who got her first period, and she began dreaming, fantasying with her life, the realistic and the fantasy here can not be separated it is a little bit confusing but it is beautiful, all pictures here are beautiful. Valerie is a orphan girl that live with her grandmother, one day her earring is being stolen by a boy name Orlick but he gave it back to Valerie. After that Valerie got her first period and her adventure is begin! Her Grandmother beast ex-lover come, vampire transformation, Orlick that always protect and loves Valerie (ooh i like this part), her confusing about her life, her family tree, the sexual thing that happen in her entire neighborhood which make her really confuse, etc... and how she solve all the problems which always almost kill her. And how she can meet her mother, real father, and her brother.
But I tell you, there is no porn scene in this movie. Just enjoy the beautiful movie and Valerie..

I will introduce you to some of the main character:




The Wicked Missionary (Gratia)

The Beast called Weasel (his real name is Richard)

Valerie's father (Weasel sometimes change his face to be like him)


Elsa (The Vampire Grandmother)

Valerie's mother

The magic is begin!

Valerie and Orlik


The Magic is COMING...

Cinta Carnelian

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Hei Y'all..

Y'know that in my beloved country Indonesia we have Ujian National (National Examination) in every end of school (Elementary School, Mid-School, High School). and the Hardest exam is of course the High School National Examination. and y'all know that I am in the Final Year now, n it means Im gonna have National Examination! Nat Exam is the determination to graduate. (is that make sense?) and it will be like this, The National Exam's GPA + School GPA = the result we will graduate or not. and I am afraid with it.

Not want to boosting my self, but I am a very smart student. I always got 1st rank in my class. I am a hard worker, I can study until morning, just because i feel im still not good enough. But everyone have weakness right? My weakness is in Chinese Mandarin and Mathematic.  I can't remember a lot of chinese caracters that I learnt from school, because im not a visual learner or a good writing learner. I am a very good audio learner and rather good read learner. and with math, I always doing slow calculation, n can get enough time to do it..

There are 6 subjects that I should do in test. They are Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian), Bahasa Inggirs (English), Chinese Mandarin, Mathematic, Indonesian Literature and Anthropology. I am from Language Speciality class, that's why I should took those classes.

The National Examination begin on Monday, April 15th 2013 (which mean today) until Thursday, April 18th 2013. Before that since December (or November i forgot) we had Try Out (kinda like Pre Exam) every months until April. Told cha, EVERY MONTHS, so we had 4 Try Outs for a whole week (November, January, February, March) and 1 Final Semester test (December almost 2 weeks) and The School Final Exam on last March (for 2 weeks)! and you know what it means, we are as student are TIRED. we only have 2ish weeks before Nat Exam after the Final Exam. Truthfully my head felt so hard, and my body tired. I feel my body is almost faint,so tired and stressful. I always wake up until late in the midnight to studying.. 
And that not just me...

1 week before Nat Exam some of my friends and me also got sick, some of them got influenza, head ache, fever, etc. Most of you are know that I got some bad thingie with my head (maybe because i always think, studying too much) I always got headache in a place that between my neck and my head, in 2 weeks before Nat Exam I got it for the whole full 2 weeks, n it was got worst and worst, i felt this pain until my neck and the top of my head. It can be little okay (?whut?) If I push the top of my head, or lying my head down on the table, and sleep... and few days before exam, I skip school because my head getting worst even though after sleep. From that case, I know that this headache appear because of stress, and studying until morning. After that I never studying until morning, and always have good sleep, and skip my diet (i don't need it for a while i think, because of this sickness of Nat Exam now my weight is 103,6 lbs (47 kg) without diet with height 163 cm (5'4.17" feet inch) BMI= 17,7 Under weight. now you know how stressful I am because of this Exam.

Please Pray for me, so I will do my best for this Exam and I can always stay in a good health. Also I can do My best on Mandarin and Mathematics  and hoping that the scanner in the central can read my pencil's marks on the answer sheets.. 

My National Exam Schedule

Monday      : Bahasa Indonesia
Tuesday     : Mandarin and English
Wednesday   : Mathematic
Thursday    : Anthropology and Indonesian Literature

My Goal for this National Exam are :
Get 9.6/10 for English (I hope I can get 98)
Get 9.0/10 for Indonesian (More please, I want 96 maybe)
Get 8.6/10 for Anthropology (I hope I can get 90)
Get 8.0/10 for Indonesian Literature
Get 7.0/10 for Mathematic
Get 7.0/10  for Mandarin

And My Goal Nat Exam GPA is 3.3 ish (and Plus the School GPA I hope it can be 3.5ish)But I think,I will graduate, for sure because my grades are good. But I am afraid if I will not get good GPA. And, we have weakness in this National Exam. I heard something like this, Even though other subjects got great grades but 1 subject got under 4.25, it will make the person can not graduate.

Totally Im affraid with it. But last night before my first day of Exam, The Guy That I Like texted me told me to still holding on this, and YES I TRUST THIS! (I already read this phrase 2 days ago btw,before he told me)

Proverbs 3:5-6

New International Version (NIV)
Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight.


Cinta Carnelian

Update : The Bahasa Indonesia's exam today was great! I can do it so well... I think i only can do 5 problems.. Thanks God, all of these are because of HIM..

2nd Update : The Mandarin was... ehem.. kind of like hell, it was hard... i think I only can do 30ish over 50. The English was so difficult but I really like it! I can do it rather well I think...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April Come She Will : March 2013 Favorite Art and Fashion Board

  Simon Garfunkel - April Come She Will   

April COME spring COME... and I am introducing you to my monthly Fashion and Art Inspirational Board. I'll show you my picked best Painting of the month (which is my opinion), also my favorite looks from 3 of my favorites fashion Bloggers (all of them are French!) Alix, Louise and Betty. also my favorite looks and advertisement from my favorite Fashion Magazines, also from COCO Magazine which is an Art Photography and Fashion independent magazine that has a lot of beautiful pictures...
And I give you all of those descriptions and links down below.
And My favorite Painting of the month is from Anton Ebert, I saw it in my favorite painting site My Museum of Art. Enjoy them...

Sources :
The Cherry Blossom's Girl's Blog
Miss Pandora's Blog
Le Blog de Betty's Blog
Jalouse Magazine Mars Issue 2013 (French) : No. 158
          - The Little Explorer : Photo by Gemma Booth
                                           Realisation : Anna Querouil
          - Sisters :  Photo by Bjarne Jonasson
                         Realisation : Anne Sophie Thomas

Palace Costes Magazine Fevrier/Mars Issue 2013 (French) : No 46 (
           - Lana del Rey : Photo by Sean + Seng
           - Lecons de Seduction :
                                     * Eyes Wide Shut : Photo by Christian Borth
                                                                 Realized by Azadeh Zoraghi
                                                                 Bra and Satin Skirt : Carine Gilson

COCO Magazine March Issue 2013 : Part 2
Photography& Art Directing by Anna Maria Skorek
Model: Nikol Szachniewicz@ Avant Models
Hair by Maja Domanska
Make-up by Magda Juszkiewicz
Designer: Magdalena Carter
            -SHADOWS OF THE PAST :
Photography by Jessika Levina
Model: Alyena @ LA Models, 
Hair & Make-up by Tiffany Adibi
Styling by Ian Grove, 
Wardrobe/Jewelery Provided by: Junc Life & Style, Bad Madge & CO

            -A PORTRAIT OF BEAUTY :
Photography by Emily Soto
Model: Sarina @ Stars Model Management
Make-up & Hair by Markuz Royale
Styling/ Flowers by Susan Lafica @ Fiori Couture
Jewelry by Lisa Marinucci

             -SARAH :
Photography/Styling/Hair & Make-up by Viviene Mok
Dress : Milapinou

COCO Magazine March Issue 2013Part 3

             -PINK BLOSSOM :
Photography by Ali Grey/ Ali Ann Photography
Model: Laura Kirkpatrick @AB Fab Management, MMG NYC, Wunder Management
Hair & Make-up by Ana Crane

             -MONTE CARLO SUMMER 
Photography by Richard Ibrahim 
Hair and Make Up by : Merton Muaremi 
Styling by Kate Carnegie 
Model: Paris @ Giant Model Management


Cinta Carnelian