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April Come She Will : March 2013 Favorite Art and Fashion Board

  Simon Garfunkel - April Come She Will   

April COME spring COME... and I am introducing you to my monthly Fashion and Art Inspirational Board. I'll show you my picked best Painting of the month (which is my opinion), also my favorite looks from 3 of my favorites fashion Bloggers (all of them are French!) Alix, Louise and Betty. also my favorite looks and advertisement from my favorite Fashion Magazines, also from COCO Magazine which is an Art Photography and Fashion independent magazine that has a lot of beautiful pictures...
And I give you all of those descriptions and links down below.
And My favorite Painting of the month is from Anton Ebert, I saw it in my favorite painting site My Museum of Art. Enjoy them...

Sources :
The Cherry Blossom's Girl's Blog
Miss Pandora's Blog
Le Blog de Betty's Blog
Jalouse Magazine Mars Issue 2013 (French) : No. 158
          - The Little Explorer : Photo by Gemma Booth
                                           Realisation : Anna Querouil
          - Sisters :  Photo by Bjarne Jonasson
                         Realisation : Anne Sophie Thomas

Palace Costes Magazine Fevrier/Mars Issue 2013 (French) : No 46 (
           - Lana del Rey : Photo by Sean + Seng
           - Lecons de Seduction :
                                     * Eyes Wide Shut : Photo by Christian Borth
                                                                 Realized by Azadeh Zoraghi
                                                                 Bra and Satin Skirt : Carine Gilson

COCO Magazine March Issue 2013 : Part 2
Photography& Art Directing by Anna Maria Skorek
Model: Nikol Szachniewicz@ Avant Models
Hair by Maja Domanska
Make-up by Magda Juszkiewicz
Designer: Magdalena Carter
            -SHADOWS OF THE PAST :
Photography by Jessika Levina
Model: Alyena @ LA Models, 
Hair & Make-up by Tiffany Adibi
Styling by Ian Grove, 
Wardrobe/Jewelery Provided by: Junc Life & Style, Bad Madge & CO

            -A PORTRAIT OF BEAUTY :
Photography by Emily Soto
Model: Sarina @ Stars Model Management
Make-up & Hair by Markuz Royale
Styling/ Flowers by Susan Lafica @ Fiori Couture
Jewelry by Lisa Marinucci

             -SARAH :
Photography/Styling/Hair & Make-up by Viviene Mok
Dress : Milapinou

COCO Magazine March Issue 2013Part 3

             -PINK BLOSSOM :
Photography by Ali Grey/ Ali Ann Photography
Model: Laura Kirkpatrick @AB Fab Management, MMG NYC, Wunder Management
Hair & Make-up by Ana Crane

             -MONTE CARLO SUMMER 
Photography by Richard Ibrahim 
Hair and Make Up by : Merton Muaremi 
Styling by Kate Carnegie 
Model: Paris @ Giant Model Management


Cinta Carnelian

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