Thursday, April 18, 2013

Inspiration: Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (Valerie a týden divů)

Valerie and Her Week of Wonders is a Czech movie that released on 1970,directing by Jaromil Jires. I saw this movie last week, twice! and it is so beautiful, it is beyond your imagination... It is a surrealist movie in Czech new-wave era. The movie was made from a novel in the same title from Vitezlav Nezval. I read the novel recently, it's less surrealist than the movie. I ever read somewhere, that it was inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The story is about a 13 years old girl (in novel she should be 17) who got her first period, and she began dreaming, fantasying with her life, the realistic and the fantasy here can not be separated it is a little bit confusing but it is beautiful, all pictures here are beautiful. Valerie is a orphan girl that live with her grandmother, one day her earring is being stolen by a boy name Orlick but he gave it back to Valerie. After that Valerie got her first period and her adventure is begin! Her Grandmother beast ex-lover come, vampire transformation, Orlick that always protect and loves Valerie (ooh i like this part), her confusing about her life, her family tree, the sexual thing that happen in her entire neighborhood which make her really confuse, etc... and how she solve all the problems which always almost kill her. And how she can meet her mother, real father, and her brother.
But I tell you, there is no porn scene in this movie. Just enjoy the beautiful movie and Valerie..

I will introduce you to some of the main character:




The Wicked Missionary (Gratia)

The Beast called Weasel (his real name is Richard)

Valerie's father (Weasel sometimes change his face to be like him)


Elsa (The Vampire Grandmother)

Valerie's mother

The magic is begin!

Valerie and Orlik


The Magic is COMING...

Cinta Carnelian

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