Sunday, April 28, 2013

UPDATE : These weeks and Fun things

Hey guys.. sorry to not updated you with ANYTHING... 
and thank you for still reading my blog, it's like growing n growing everyday... 
I already in school holidaaay now... n don't get any pocket money at all now..........

but now it means i CAN write on my blog twice every week (or more)!!!!!! I think it will be every Thursday/Wednesday and Friday/Saturday :D
The Thursday/Friday is about Art and Fashion posts (my dedication of these thing is so BIG)
And the weekend one is will be about my life n my friends, family or places that you should visit.

What did i do these days:
- A lot of my basic beauty stuffs are empty, so i re-buy them (Moisturizer, Night Cream, Soap, Body Lotion).
- Bought new stuffs (Nivea Cleanser n Toner they are wonderful, and Maybelline Mascara)
- went to Solo (n get a great heels ;) )
- my laptop is getting cleaned, because it was very dirty n getting hot so fast.. so i can't do anything for three days..
- Reading Bible
- Learning editing my pictures (how giving blur that looks like SLR's blur, and colorizing)
- Writing articles (not for this blog, but for a publisher)
- Learning French (YES)
- Preparing my Fashion Posts
- Watching movies (The Help, P.S I Love You, Letter to Juliet (those movies makes me cry))
- Watching my favorite Series all the TIME for sure it is Game of Thrones
- Start to reading The Song of Ice and Fire series, I'm still reading A Game of Thrones and it is beautiful.... and in English... sometimes confused me.. 
- And start dieting again.. (but i love macaroons or macarons and popsicle in this spring time)

and FYI, in Indonesia, the dry season start to come... n my skin feels so dry lately, i don't like cream and moisturizer, but now i forced myself to use them.. booo...

And I will apply to a Christian big University here.. i hope in this week I will apply...

But now i wanna go to WHITE SAND BEACHES!! Anyone want to take me???

Please take me.. hahaha..
what did you do these days? Love you! Happy Spring!

Cinta Carnelian

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