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DFB und Munchen: My Ultimate love for Germany and it's soccer teams

I know this is crazy, but I LOVE SOCCER so much, it's is just like in my blood!!! I was a soccer player in Elementary School and Mid-School, but my ankle got injured so i stopped, or should stop before it get worst, but that's okay, i also get very annoying less-resistant with sunshine (too much bright sunshine can really hurt my skin, it will be itchy n the texture will change n most time feels really hurt) But this article isn't about me at all, it's about my favorite teams. Let's get started!

♫ ♪ ♫ Das Deutschlandlied ♫ ♪ 


And if you ask me about soccer, definetely i will say, Deutschland. Yes, Germany! since i was 4 yrs old, at my first time of World Cup (even though they didn't win or on semi-final at all), I only know DFB ( Deutscher Fußball-Bund) or German National Soccer Team as the best team, from that time I always support them. in 1998 World Cup, I only remember Oliver Kahn, Jurgen Klinsmann and Jens Lehmann (My Goodness how much i obsessed with Goal Keeper in past?) My sister is Brazil's fan, My brother is a German fan also, my dad n mum are neutral  but on that final i cheered for French (idk why, i never cheer for Brazil) maybe because the feeling that Zidane looks like my family relative, n this thing always makes me think he is my uncle (don't judge me, Steven Gerard also my uncle in my mind :-P )

Start On World Cup 2002 I am so into soccer, that time i always stay on TV to watch any news about German's Team and watching their matches, and I found my first love, Miroslav Klose! I love him so much that time, i also remember his shoes's color that time, a golden colored shoes (does it explain to you how much i love him?). 2002 also the first time I cried for German (and Him) while they lost over Brazil (this makes me don't like Brazil's team that time), for me German still number one, and Miroslav is number one, not Brazil or Ronaldo. For me and their fans, Germany's tactics was awesome, and I learnt a lot from that.
Miroslav Klose, forever my brother

On 2004 or 2005 i start crazy about soccer's clubs too, and until now, I am proud to be Liverpudlians, I LOVE LIVERPOOL, even though now they down the hill, but i am still proud of them. I only want to watch Premiere League and Bundesliga (I don't like Spain and Italian Soccer), and on Bundesliga I Love Bayern Munchen and Werder Bremen (while Klose, Tim Borrowski and Per Mertesacker were still there).
 Liverpool Squad 2006

Werder Bremen Squad 2006

On 2006 all my friend know, that I chose to woke up in the morning on examination day only for Germany. And I stopped loving Klose, and start to just loving him only as brother because he is married. And I found my one true love (hahahaha) Bastian Schweinsteiger the Midfielder that I love until now in 2013 (it has been 7 yrs!). I remember how I know all the names and faces of German's Squad, how I cry in my room for them, and how I proud of them even though they only on the 3rd place won over Portugal. How I remember how much i love to scream out Tim, Per, Arne Freidrich, (I always think he is my idol, because i was a defender too)and Lahm to defend, to pray for Weise or Jorg-Butt or the young Neuer to play well as the keeper. Since that time, I am 100% into soccer,into Germany National Team, into Liverpool and Bayern Munchen.
Bastian <3

On 2010, I always on Cafe at night just for Germany and praying for them every 3 hours (i am that crazy, YES) I believe if a lot of people pray for them, they gonna win. I remember how crazy am i that time, until a lot of my schoolmates and my foreign friends called me Cinta Schweinsteiger.. hahahaha... And I still falling for Schweini, but Thomas is very good too! and I always scream for Tim, Per, Basti, Klose, Thomas, Manuel, Trochowski, Holger Badstuber and Boateng, and etc. I like Boateng too btw. It's OK they won on the 3rd place. Loew is great! he always great! on the final, i was cheering for Spain, because I don't really like Italy team because they win over Germany in Final WC 2006, won over France in WC 2006 and  Materazzi said a thing improper to Zidane in 2006! Im glad Spain won the WC 2010, because they were great! But Just see it, Nor Italy neither Spain will win World Cup 2014! Germany will WIN in world cup 2014!

And now, I am always ready to support Munchen. See it, they gonna win the Champion League,  and German Cup (they are the champion of Bundesliga this year right?)! I screamed badly the night  they won over Barcelona for the second time, so they total score for Munchen vs Barca is 7-0. Barca is a great teams, but Munchen is the Greatest! most of Munchen player is DFB's squad, so it is means, German is the greatest in Europe, and in the WORLD. I love my Basti, I love Thomas, and thankful to Manuel and Robben, Boateng and many more. but where is Holger?? I miss him badly.. hope he will get well soon!

I can't wait for Champion League Final. It is German's rule, German taking Europe, Dortmund vs Munchen in Wembley. and Bayern will win, because they are Bavarian! Let's watch that match together... But a thing that I want to ask from Bayern, why they want to change the Coach? He is a great coach, he can make Bayern win everything and on final! I hope the new coach from Spain can make Bayern to be a King of Soccer Clubs in the world!

And Next year is World cup. You know who I will cheer for. Only for my Tiger's (Bastian) and all mein Brüder team. Germany Soccer TEAM!! because their tactics now is waaay better, the team is young and strong, and they all are my angles, my brothers forever. I will not change my favorite Nation Team. One for Deutschland, Forever Deutschland!!

Im start to gong crazy, haha...
I am sorry if I wrote something idiots n crazy. You know me so well right.
Now Additional Pictureeess TIME!

MUNCHEN! Mia san Mia!




 Mein Schatz und Mein Bruder

 Love <3

Miroslav Klose, Sylwia Klose, Luan and Noah Klose. Love this family


Bastian and Klose together Oh..


Müller and Wife (Lisa Müller)

Holger Badstuber and Boateng

Per Mertesacker and Arne Friedrich my idol


Awesome Germany Coaches

Jurgen Klinsmann

Joachim Löw 

 Ozil, Klose, Thomas

Thomas and Basti 

 This is the single men Group! Holger, Shaqiri, Alba and Boateng

Favorite Trio in Munich: Basti, Thomas and Manuel

what is your favorite National Team, and Club??
Love you untill die friends..

Cinta Carnelian

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