Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fashion: Outfit Ideas for May - June !!

In this May, the sun start to shining brightly and it makes me want to lay down in the grass, reading a book under a tree or playing in the beach!
Welcome to the new section of my Fashion posts! Now every once in a months I'll show you some (4 or 5) Outfits Ideas, their inspirations and where to buy it (I give you links, both in US site and French site).
Enjoy your May!! And here there are those ideas!!

 Bustier: Urban Outfitters  //  Skirts/Jupe: ASOS US FR    //    Sandals/Sandales: Topshop US FR Glasses/Lunetes : Forever 21  //    Necklace/Collier: Forever 21   //   Bangle/Bracelet : Forever 21

Dress/Robe : ASOS US FR   //    Shoes/Chaussures: H&M   //    Garland: ASOS US FR Ring/Bague: Forever 21   //     Necklace/Collier : ASOS US FR   //   Bracelet: Forever 21

Blazer: Forever 21   //    Tank/ Débardeur: Forever 21   //    Shorts: Target   //      Sandals/Sandales: ASOS US FR   //    Bag/Sac:Forever 21   //    Glasses/Lunetes: Forever 21

Sweaters/Pull: Forever 21   //   Floral Jean: Urban Outfitters   //   Bag/Sac: TOPSHOP Sandals/Sandales: TOPSHOP US FR   //   Watch/Montre: Urban Outfitters   //      
Cross Ring: Forever 21   //    Knuckles Ring: Forever 21   //    Earrings/Boucles: Forever 21

One Piece Swimsuit: ASOS US FR   //    Pineaple Bikini set: TOPSHOP US FR   //     
 Cover up: TOPSHOP US FR   //    Bag/Sac: TARGET   //    Sandals/Sandales: ASOS US FR   //   
Glasses/Lunetes: Forever 21    //    Hat/Chapeau: Target

If you want to know, I am a big fan of the 50s style of swimsuit, and I like one peace swimsuit. And for laying in parks or gardens i love to wear the outfit number 2. I love to wear dresses when I was in a white sand beaches or in a beautiful garden..

Credits Pictures:
Seventeen Magazine May Issue    : Your Super Chic Summer, Page 117
                                                  Photographer : Nicholas Routzen 
                                                  all clothing from Levi's, Shoes from Dr.Martens
COCO Magazine Part 3 May Issue: Sandrine, Photographer n Stylist : Vivienne Mok
                                                    Model : Sandrine Q @ Angels
                                                    Dress : Vintage, Shoes : Anne Valerie Hash
Elle Italia May Issue                    : Sailor Made, page 230
                                                   Model: Cora Keegan
                                                   Clothing : Fred Perry, Vintage55, Moncler Grenable
Marie Claire USA May Issue        : The Natural, page 138
                                                    Photographer : Hilary Walsh
                                                    Clothing : Michael Kors

Let's lay down in a park together... just like Alix

Love you guys!

Cinta Carnelian

p.s Hey in this weekend I'll go to Jogjakarta to spend my holiday in my sister house! I will go to the King Pallace, Musseums, Eat Sushi, And much more.. will show you pictures!


  1. awesome pics
    love it!!

    Angela Donava

    1. Merci Angela!! <3
      I love your Blog too!!