Thursday, May 23, 2013

Graduation Part 1: Waiting Time

Today is Friday, May the 24th. 

Me, Cinta Carnelian will be someone new... I will graduate soon... hopefully.
In Indonesia, after taking National Examination, you'll wait the result for about one month. than you'll know you are graduating from High School or not.

These days I am not praying to graduate, I'm praying to able to find a good college.. because I know I will graduate. I know how hard was my work and I asking for God's help too. So I know I will...
The result actually should be able this afternoon at 1 p.m but it has been postponed until 3 p.m. My classmates are panic right now, we are afraid. Yes we are afraid. But in this panic time, we start joking crazily in our class Facebook Group also with our Homeroom teacher (he tried to make us affraid, he said he is doing home visit, home visit happen to someone that not graduate). 
We realize now that :

We are young + We are Panic = We are Crazy..

Im still waiting now.. some rumors says my school graduate 100%, some other says there is 1 of our student who isn't graduate. But me and my Classmates (the 12 grade Language Class) won't believe that, and don't want to care except that person is from our class. (my classmates are super, we are strong because Language class at my school is only one, and we are together since in the 11th Grades, mostly since 10th grades too) 

If you read this, please pray for me. Also the Graduation ceremony will be on May 28th! I will post you pictures! 
Love you as always!
I am almost not a highscoolers anymore!!

Cinta Carnelian

p.s Yesterday, my friend Kenny graduate from Mountainview ICS (International School and American style school) I am happy for his family! 

Look at this big boy, I know him since looong time ago... (middle school I think) Congratz Friend!


  1. Congratulations in advance..I suggest you continue your ed' in fashion school ;)xoxo

    1. Thank you <3 I want to! After my International Relations studies I want to apply in a fashion college.. ;) xoxo