Monday, May 27, 2013

Graduation part 2 : Result Day

Finally I got my result!! and it is written if I AM GRADUATING from High School!!! I am so happy! because it is time i can continuing my dreams, as a negotiator and fashions stylish (this is my biggest hobby since long time agoo). So it is written "LULUS" means Graduate. and my grade is 8.5 or in US GPA is 3.5 or 3.6 and I got the first rank in my class! 
And these are some pictures from my result day. Our parents came to school and receive an envelope, in that envelope we can know we are graduating or not. But Thank's God, all of my classmates and schoolmates are graduating from High School. 223 students of my school are graduating it is means 100% graduating!
Today, Tuesday 28th of May will be my Graduation Ceremony day, for the ceremony i will wear a Traditional Dress (that is the tradition for a graduation ceremony at my school) from Nusa Tenggara Barat, and the bad thing is, it isn't flattering at all, but I'll do good haha. I will show you pictures from my Ceremony, Dinner Party and other soon!

My Graduate Letter and My School Photo without any make up on

My School emblem on my uniform

My final grade : my real name is Chikitta Carnelian but my nickname is Cinta

My School's yard

Me (red shirt) and some of my classmates

Me and My best friend since Elementary School, Pita (We aren't classmate, she is in sience class im in Language Class)

Most of my Classmates 12-Language Class

more lots of them and me!

another tradition of school in indo, filled up our uniform with friend's signature

mine old uniform with my friend's signature but no paint brush on it

the convoy ( i didn't go for the convoy, keeping my style classy huh ;-) )

 and this is my traditional costume! (sorry for my face and pose)

for full grade result

Let's celebrate my graduation! How is your day??
Love you 

Cinta Carnelian

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