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Graduation Part 2 : Class Of 2013 !

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Don't laugh! haha.. yes! I am finally graduating from High School!! the picture above is mess-up, with my mum and dad and... messy hair . I am sorry it was after the graduation party/ceremony. Late at night and messy.. 

So the Graduation start at 4.30ish p.m, but we should arrive at 4. and I've done my make up at 1.30-3.45 pm. and I did that all by my self, I learnt how to put make up since almost a year ago, and it quite impressive! I looked like from the Salon on my Graduation day (you can see it on the top picture). I bought a lot of make up, crazy right, but they are infestation for my future, I don't need to pay a lot for Salon for not an important event.. and this Revlon Color Stay Foundation, was lasting for all night! so crazy!

Okay stop reviewing products, the Ceremony start at 4.30 ish, but ended at 7.15 ish... And after that we had photo time!! I have tons of photos with my class mates and best friends. I love them so much, they are like a stars in my life.. they are my angels.. forever will be my best friend. My traditional dress was from Nusa Tenggara Barat, the purple sarong that I wore was so beautiful! But this dress isn't flattering at all.. I look like 60 kgs/ 132.3 lbs !! but actually I just 47 kgs/ 103.6 lbs with height 163 cm or 5'4". I am just having big bones... I was the one who did the Graduation Speech in English, I was so afraid, like totally afraid.. haha... But i did a good job. My daddy was the one who coming that night, he accompanied me to the stage to receive my Highest final Score award, he must be so proud of me. My school graduating 223 students this year! I was so happy that day.. that day was tiring but awesome! These are my photos of that day!

the graduation dress

my dress

me and my classmates and my Chemistry teacher

most of my class mates! Language Class!

Award time for the Language Major Class, I am the no.1 that's why I stood on the right

my principal

Danta, Nyoman and I. They were my class mates in 10th grades

With Devina and Dinta

Novi was behind me

Aww.. Randy is my BFF since Middle school! I won't be the same without him

You know this guy! Archi, my Best friend since 10th grades, He will studying in China for 1 year!

Vesa and Winda our athletes

Dita, The Language Major Class's Leader

That is my award! it's written "Chikitta Carnelian reach the highest Final Score with total 50.80 for Language Majority Class" FYI in Indonesia, on high school we divided into 3 major classes, Science, Social and Language.

I hid my mini dress under my long traditional dress

Luna and Shinta

Pita! my best friend since Elementary School! She was so amazingly beautiful that night!

With Heru, he is so cute, he was always be my Math course buddy since I was in Mid-School

With The giant Kiky (best friend since Elementary School) and Heru, we look like family! haha

My speech

He is Dhany, my handsome Cousin. We came from the same home town (Malang) and we both studying here in Salatiga. 

With Danta. He is my best friend since 10th grade, we were stop contacting each other, but he still my best friend! We are talking again now.. haha He is so smart in Science...

You'll see me wearing my dress now, I changed it in front of the building with my other friends (i was wearing tripple dresses that night), but I forgot to put my accessories on!
My Language class best friends, Debi and Karin

One of my Math teacher,Mr. Maladi. He is a genius , He is a professor in University too.

With daddy!

Me and Maudy she was the Head of Student Council (I was the English and Communication Department leader in Student Council too)

With my Homeroom teacher/ Anthropology teacher the smart Mr.Kusniyanto (he also a Sociology Professor in University) and my good friend Ita. I love this photo!

Dita and Mr.Kusniyanto

Me and my good friend Pratama (we called him Cempe means Goat's kid) he is a funny guy!

Another funny guy that be my friend since mid-school, Puguh

my party dress..

Wait.. this one is my favorite (credit from Bilham's camera) Me and Cempe posing like models!! and I don't look like 60 kgs here.. hehe

I am so proud to be the part of Class 2013!
I love all my friends! Friendship will never end!
Love you guys! God Bless..

Cinta Carnelian

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