Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Inspiration: Gone With the Wind

Gone with the wind is American movie based from the same title Novel written by Margaret Mitchell and directed by Victor Fleming in 1939.The story a\central attention is Scarlett O'hara who her family is the owner of Tara Plantation in Georgia. She is a very beautiful and always well dressed girl. In a party in Twelve Oaks plantation she knew that Ashley Wilkes will marry his cousin Melanie Hamilton. Actually Scarlett secretly really loves Ashley, she feel sad about that. Ashley sister really hate Scarlett and spread that rumor to Melanie, but Melanie still loves Scartlett like her own family. Scarlett also learnt that Rhett Butler a rich man in that community admire her. And than the American civil war calling, and all men should go into the battle. Melanie's brother, Charles proposed Scarlett, and they married even though she doesn't love him. Charles died in the war, and O'hara family become poor, and the only one who always help her is Rhett, the one who really loves her. But Scarlett still falling for Ashley. Until at the point when Rhett and her got married, she realize how much she loves him, but Rhett already desperate with their marriage, and he left her. Scarlett back to Tara, and she promised herself to win her love again, which is Rhett. This movie story is amazing, and they have wonderful dresses here. Absolutely a beautiful classic Hollywood movie. If you want to know the detail story, just watch it.

  Gone with the Wind Theme   

Scarlett O'hara

Rhett Butler

Melanie Hamilton

The O'haras sisters

Mammy (Scarlett's nany)


Scarlett and Ashley

Charles's proposal

The O'Haras

Rett and Scarlett

Rhett's proposal

Mr. and Mrs Butler

Scarlett and her daughter with Rett, Bonie

Win your love, and realize who is the one who you really love, so you won't loose them.
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  1. I love this movie! I think I've seen it almost 50 times! :)
    :* Alita

    1. I love this movie too... Who doesn't ? haha
      XO Cinta