Tuesday, June 25, 2013

La beauté de la fleur : June Inspirational Picture

   Gustav Mahler - Symphony No. 5: Adagietto   

Summer come..And in this summer, I took some summer break in these two weeks, and unfortunately no Internet connection there. I saw a lot of flower lately and wanna make this Flowery theme Inspirational Board. Pictures here most of them are from tumblr, and some from Cherry Blossom Girl's blog, Le Blog de Betty and Miss Pandora, also from COCO magazine, and L'Officiel Paris. Enjoy this summer, and this full of flower article! See you this Friday with my stories! 




courtesy :
Tumblr (credits on the picture)
Google (credits on the picture)
The Cherry Blossom Girl - Alix
Miss Pandora - Louise
Le Blog de Betty - Betty
Coco magazine April Issue Part 3 : Secret Garden
Coco magazine April Issue Part 1 : Nature Girl
L'officiel Paris Avril - Lana Del Ray
Elle USA May Issue - Euro Star
Coco magazine March Issue Part 2 : When Season changes
Coco magazine March Issue Part 2 : Sarah
Coco magazine March Issue Part 3 : Pink Blossom

Have a blossom blooming in you!

Cinta Carnelian