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Runway review: New York and London Menswear Spring/Summer 2014

This is going to be my first review of Runway and Menswear. These collections of Spring/Summer 2014 menswear are quite interesting. But I am picky. I chose only collection that unique or I like. for my taste, I can say I like neat and clean dressing man, preppy and classy. I like to see man in clean shirt, in button down, and suit or pullover. Just like Matthew Lebreton from I like good style on men. Some of the clothes in these runways are not really comfortable in real life even though it is ready to wear. But some are great and cool too. Let's check them out! Have you read my June Fashion and Art favorite? you guys can check it here...

Band of Outsiders
Actually this brand kind of interesting for me.The style aren't too heavy and dressy, but very casual and classy. I like how suit can be mixed with a casual button down, or shirt and shorts. some of the suits here are really amazing for casual men. I really like the 3rd outfit, the combination of light brown suit and white trouser looks classy but not trying too hard!


Alexander McQueen
Sarah Burton makes this collection looks so interesting. Looks like Bleached fabrics and worn brocade. The cut isn't really flattering for men, but it is considered as the unique. The atmosphere of this collection looks more like "Powerful Men in Pass" with aristocratic scenario.

Burberry Prorsum
I love this entire collection! Christopher Bailey really did a very great job. With moving from Milan Fashion week to London Fashion week, he makes a great move. The theme of this collection is "Writer and Painter" and the style really Bailey's, a.ka British style. Those outfits here looks really neat and classy, the cuts are simple, but the colors here just very amazing and colorful. I love sweaters and jackets from this collection just like the 1st and 2nd outfit in my photo, so comfy and manly, but the red button down here must be looks very good for men.

Christopher Raeburn
Inspired by WWII Unit Long Range Dessert Group, Raeburn used that for this collection's theme. The pattern on his outfits and the material looks like something from the dessert, like cotton tent from the Middle East. I like the jacket and outwear outfits in this collection, they look perfect for cold weather, rainy season and fashionable hunting.

Jonathan Saunders
Jonathan Saunder's collection for this spring/summer is a unique collection. He is using bonding more than stitching here. Also the colors are unique, we can see bi color shirt and suit, or a bright pop and big pattern on the top of the shirt like what you see in the outfit number three here. Saunders also cut city shorts from vinyl-coated cotton and shirts from the translucent silk-Lurex. But maybe i am not really comfortable enough to wear this collection in real life, because the big pattern on chest, and bi color suit. They aren't really formal.


This is a super unique collection if I can say. The theme is Urban North African Tribes. Pejoski and co-designer Koji Maruyama went to North Africa and falling in love with the colors and patterns from the tribe. They are using a lot of mix and match here, Ethnic stripes with Tech details, Traditional clothes mix with Industrial fabrics, a traditional outfit become a baseball jacket. Also silver jewels and spike as accessories. Very unique and beautiful.

Nicole Farhi
Joanna Sykes first men show for Nicole Farhi giving a clarity and serenity to this collection. simple cut, with soft tailored suit and knits rolling like a calm wave. This collection is really wearable, the collection of the knitted pullover are really soft and elegant for men.

Pringle of Scotland
This collection theme is Scotland's storied motif that called Tartan. Nicosia wanted to translate Tartan into knitwear that comfortable to use. He also made the collection to be more simple and classy. He played with techniques like knitting and weaving. My favorites from this collection is of course pullover and the Tartan makes the looks unique. And the combination with Tartan Mackintosh with Tartan stretch belt and Tartan trouser or Tartan Suit and trouser look really unique. It is more about techniques, and comfort.

Rag and Bone
Another favorite and wearable menswear in this show. David Neville and Marcus Wainwright spent their time in NY, but now London calls them to comeback with City Wear theme. Their clothing still using Japanese techniques for cotton. The outwears they have is really wearable and cool. A trendy jacket or suit with cargo pants, floral Jacket and simple shirt and many more. Ordinary but this is what some of us looking for ready-to-wear collection. Especially for men.

Richard James
Looking at Richard James's collection makes me think about Sunshine in the Summer. Very beautiful and everything look colorful and fun. And Yeah, James named this collection as Sundown. I thought the collection will be very exotic. but the collection is very politely neat and beautiful. With Neutral suits, one button, dress shirt, knitwear, with neutral, blue, warm and ombre colors. Another wearable line again. And to be honest, I love this collection, it looks very preppy! 

Topman Design
This year theme for Topman is Cowboy. With gold and silver accent also Floral delicate embroideries on silk shirt looks like more Night Club Cowboy than Cowboy in the farm. This collection looks so glamorous. But this kind of collection, might be not fit into all men. But for the exotic style, they nailed it.

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What do you think about the menswear?
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