Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Vacation that I rather regret : Malang part II

So I went to malang by a travel car, it's like minibus, with 7 people in it, so I went with only 2 other people that night. the car should pick me up at 9 but it came at 11. and I arrived in Malang at 9.30 a.m. and spent most of my days in Malang living in my Aunt's (Tante Hari) house in the downtown. and start to hanging out with my cousins from my mom's side.


My mom first little sister is tante Hari (tante is aunt in Bahasa) and she has a daughter, Dita. Dita is 21 years old, she's studying Business Management. she's a part time photo shoot model.

My mom's second little sister is tante Sri. She has two sons. Regin and Ridwan. Regin is 20 years old, he is studying French Literature, and Ridwan still in high school.

My mom little brother is Oom Usman (Oom is uncle) He has two daughters, Ina and Risa. Ina is 20 years old she's studying Geography at school and dreaming to become a businessman like her dad, Risa still in High School.

Actually my mom has big brother and big sister, but they live far away from Malang, so i didn't visit them. If you notice here, all of my cousins are muslim, My mom is the one who is christian from her side. But family from my dad's side all of them are Christian.

Other people that I met

I met my best friend since kindergarten, Mega. her dad is the owner of the Kindergarten, also my dad's best friend. we hanged out at the mall, have lunch, dinner, and Man of Steel time. while in the cinema, we both were crazy while seeing the the new Superman actor, he is tottally -yummy in my tummy- kind of person.. haha.. so handsome. She is in the last 3rd year of university, studying English Literature.

I also met my dad's friend and my College private sponsor. Bapak (Mister) Suriptono and his wife. They are so kind and warm. FYI, I am a freshmen in the university, Im gonna take International Relations as my major, and that a little bit expensive.


Okay, when I went to Malang, my weight is 48 kgs, back from Malang it was 53 kgs! 5 kgs heavier in 10 days. But now, because I am exercising I already lost 3 kg in 7 days! now I am 50!! I eat a lot of bakso... 5 bowls in 10 days, I ate not really healthy wraps, and snacks.. I ate fried chicken skin as very delicious street food at a big mall.. also noodles...
I know I love Bakso (meatball soup) that much..

The ramen tasted really good, i chose the crab one..

Big wraps, delicious but rather fatty...

This noodle with chicken and dimsum topping is totally a very delicious food, but this one also have 7 chilies in it, super spicy!! 

Takoyaki! #nomnom


This is my old house, I lived there when I was born until i was 2 years old, than I moved to Jakarta. i still remember everything the outlook, the interior still the same, I miss that house.. I wanna live there, but my family already sell it to other person 5 years ago. :-( the problem of Pastor Kid...

My brother and sister's old Mid School and High School. My dream High school too.

Ijen Boulvard, in Malang usually the roads are avenue and boulvard. Ijen Boulvard is one of the most beautiful Boulvard in Malang.

One day we went to Batu, a small town full of entertainment. and this is the city center, with a lot of giant statue (mostly apple) and Ferris Wheel.


Dita has an Australian rabbit, we called him Ook.. he is adorable but he doesn't really want to touch

And this is Ina's pet, Yayang, a cute hamster.. I love it so much, I always hug it!


I bought some stuffs to (instead of food) i bought new floral blouse, a very beautiful dress (i won't show you the picture of the dress, because it is a surprise) and a cute kitty flat, and for sure a lot of authentic food from Malang for my family and friends in Salatiga.

At the 25th of June I went back home! From only 2 bags that i carried to Malang, I went back with 6 bags... :-)

I don't really like this vacation, because I almost miss my brother, because he is moving to another island, and I gain weight, in Malang i only sleep and eat, but I am a workaholic! also I almost loose contact with one of my student in Texas, US... Also I miss you guys a lot and my blog! I won't go anywhere soon.. I should be a professional teacher, after my TX's student back to study, I will do my best with my brother's help for him!

I will reviewing the Menswear Spring Summer 2014 tomorrow..
Love you! how is your summer?

Cinta Carnelian

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