Thursday, August 15, 2013

COLD in the Summer (Dry Season)

Summer Sky

It is totally weird.
These few months are summer here, the sun shining so brightly and and the sky looks super clear blue.. and the weather was totally HOT (more than 32C or 89 F sometimes) but now or these days, the sky still blue (even clearer), the sunshine shining super brightly, no rain, but super windy and super cold sometimes it can be 15 C or 59F well it is a tropical country, that temperature is freezing
My hand are super cold but not my body (my blood circulation is crazy), i keep my gloves on and it useless -_- at night I just use my thick blanket to cover my body like a butterfly cocoon.

See the cocoon

Maybe you will think it just what Indonesian feeling.
I got new Friends from Norway and German (coldest part of Bayern) they just lived here for almost 2 weeks and I see Kristine (Norway girl) wearing thick wool slippers at home and she said she is freezing at her bedroom n in her house here (See? a Norwegian  said it's cold here) and Anna the German wrote on Facebook if she woke up early morning because of freezing.

Me and my gloves

But yesterday night when I wrote this it was nice, only 24-25C my hand still cold (as always) but not freezing.. and now it is 28-29C nice though! :D

Huh.. Im just hoping that the Summer will stay longer n Autumn come lil bit late..
How's in your home?
Love you!

Cinta Carnelian