Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Life in July 2013

What thing happen?
A lot of thing happen in this month, like I am becoming a language tutor in a International Organisation ( don't believe me? me too!) okay I just graduate from High School, and i am the younger tutor there and maybe one of the craziest ha..ha..ha I joined one week training and go, I handle 3 people this time! two Americans and 1 Korean ( i will tell you the story about being a tutor in the other article) It is so fun! but sometimes not.. sometimes totally tiring, you can ask one of my "student" how I always tired sometime... But I love it so much, because my students are awesome, one of the my student reminds me of my brother (same age, same craziness -_-) Sometimes i can be a tough teacher, but sometimes my students are just too cute (WHAT they are up to 29!) so I follow their jokes too.. And I am kind of relax this month because my Texas Student is in training in the army until next month, so i still have my morning time...

I am totally done with my high school. All the diplomas, and the pepper stuffs are signed and I don't have any reason to visit my school again.. And just have reason to visit my University, Satya Wacana Christian University.

I have proof if I have tons of wonderful friends start from my best friends since elementary school , Wati and Pita, then my high school best friend Karin, Archi etc, and other great friends and best friends from Middle School and High School. my great friends and best friends in Salatiga (i can't mention them it just a tons) like mbak Abbie, Melody, Julie, Sarah, Kari M, Mas Yo (both of them) Kayla and Craig, etc. My friends abroad like the one in Texas and the one in York and the one in Panama. All of them totally makes me happy being their friend and make me smile since morning till night :D :D till morning again hahaha..

My Brother is not in town anymore, he is back to his job in another Island. I am sad, but also super happy for him. I can drive motorcycle now, but my dad still afraid with me driving alone -_- . And my Sister giving birth, and the baby is a girl. And my mom go to her city to take care of her for a while, and I should cook for my dad.. but I want to bake only bake... but I am able to bake homemade bread and red velvet cake (all of them are moist and super delicious). Also I got haircut, and I lost my mighty beautiful long hair :'(

I finally realizing in this world there are some people who have the same dream and way of thinking about this world, human, policy and others. And we respect each other in what we believe not like a person that mocking me last few months, because he thinks my dream to help human in conflict resolution is non-sense, but these friends that I met we believe in Human, we believe to make this world become a better place in Political Science way (I meant not in Religious way) and non profit way (do you get it, i mean we don't care about the glory in our name or tons of golden in our bank account)...

My Blog has a lot of readers per day without me promoting it :D and I am learning about fashion more now, I can analyze some stuffs, even though im not a total expert but I know a lot now :) And I can show to my self how strong I am. Preparing my blog with 2 days no sleep (and at the 3rd day I feel my bones are falling).

My Favorite Through Instagram :

1. Apple Pie that I made for the 4th of July 2. My favorite makeup look 3.My trainer
4. Kayla and Craig 5. Before and After Hair :'( 6.Kayla and I
7. Sun Rise in a cold summer 8. Home made bread that I bake 9.Gerbera at my rooms (addicted to flowers now)

1. Lynx in Germany (isn't from me, my good friend was sent it to me because i never know Lynx..) 2. Me and my Flowers
3. Chinese Food 4.Amelia
5.Kayla and Stella 6. Carrot Cake! (my boss's helper made it not me :p )

My Favorites:

For TV Shows: CSI season Finale hahahaha

For Music : For Sure the Ginger Head, Ed Sheeran With all songs of his album "Plus" you can buy it from iTunes here. I love the way he write his song, so brilliant and touching my heart.

Songs of the months : Hunter Hayes : Rainy Season, Ed Sheeran : Lego House, Autumn Leaves and Kiss me (makes me fall in love to nothing!)

My Successful : Make my weight to 50 kgs, and want to do diet again. And tutoring for sure

Favorite Human : Kayla, Craig, Stella, Hudson (I think it's gonna be forever favorite haha) the first two person really treat me like family, and really teach me about being patient and waiting, Stella and Hudson teach me how to handle kids, n now a lot of kids liking  me. Karin, Alexander P, both of them make me happy to listening their fun/not fun moments and holidays, Mas Yohanes Kecil because he is my brother good friend, he just like another brother to me and I really really like his girlfriend, super like her my mom also wanna make a dinner for her.. haha

Favorite Snack : Spicy Potato Chips from Karin, and Mr. Pringles (all time favorite)

Favorite news : Mmm.. About American Politics, analyzing Obama's Care and the baby HRH George of Cambridge!

Favorite Fashion : Floral pattern in clothes.. My coral floral blouse is my favorite this month

Favorite Make Up : Coral lipstick and red lipstick

Most Hate :
Narrow Minded person, and people that think always about money also Politics in Religion (meh).

And Cory Monteith Death (it is so sad).

How's your July??
See you on Tuesday/Wednesday!!
Love you all!

Cinta Carnelian

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